Service Area

Service Area

Our Pet Sitting Service Area at FurBabies Home Pet Care

Most pet owners in Lake Mary, Sanford, and beyond cannot spend 24/7 with their pets - even when they want to. But when work, vacation, and other responsibilities take you away from your cat, dog, or other furry or scaled friend, having a local team who can care for them can provide peace of mind.

FurBabies Home Pet Care provides reliable pet sitting services in Lake Mary, Sanford, Longwood, and more. Our experienced and professional team provides overnight pet sitting and daytime visits for all the animals in your home. Call us at 407-489-9418 to learn what services are available in your area.

Cities and Towns We Serve 

As an in-home pet care team, we come to your home for any pet care needs. FurBabies uses a team of pet lovers and animal care experts, as well as leading pet care software to make sure that we can reach all of the homes in our service area dependably and on time. This enables us to provide the best local care for pets and their owners in:

If you live in a city or community outside of this range, we may still be able to provide services. Contact us to share more about your needs and where you are located and we will do our best to add you as a client.

For those who are outside of our range but need dog boarding services, we also offer the option for overnight boarding. You can leave your dog with us for one on one care while you are away.

Our Services in Lake Mary, Longwood, and More 

FurBabies Home Pet Care is a local team that can care for each of your pets. We provide dog walking, dog sitting, and cat sitting services. In addition, our team is also experienced in caring for ferrets, lizards, birds, rabbits, spiders, and more. Whatever pets you love, our team can help you give them the attention they deserve.

We use home visits to give your dogs and cats the attention they need while you are out of the house, as well as provide walking, potty breaks, play time, feeding, medication administration, and lots of pets and cuddles.

Our standard services include:

  • Midday Visits - Midday visits to your home are available at different times throughout the day and often range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. These are a chance for us to check in on your pet, let them outside for a bathroom break, and provide food and playtime while you are out of town or at work.
  • Dog Walking - We can give your dog a bit of exercise and a potty break while you are away from home. You choose the duration of the visit, and we will tailor the amount of exercise to your dog’s age and activity level.
  • Overnight Stays - For dogs and cats that need a little extra attention overnight when you are on vacation, we will stay overnight in your home to make sure they are comfortable. This comes with an included 20 minute visit for the following day so your pet is not alone for long.
  • In-Home Care - We offer a better alternative to dog boarding, with our in home care services. Keep your dog, cat, or other pet with us in our home, providing a safe and comfortable space where they can be cared for all night. 
  • Concierge Services - We can complete all of the small tasks you need done in your home while caring for your pets, including signing for deliveries, watering plants, bringing in mail, and more. We can also take your pets to a groomer or vet anywhere in our service area.

All of these services are available throughout Sanford, Lake Mary, Sweetwater, and all of the communities we serve with a focus on personalized care to meet your pets’ specific needs.

What Makes Our Local Pet Care the Best Choice for Your Cats and Dogs?

Your pets are members of your family and it is important to be sure that they get the same quality care when you cannot be home. At FurBabies Home Pet Care, we are able to deliver reliable and high quality care in all of the locations we service because we use:

  • Detail Oriented Scheduling Process - Our scheduling software and attention to detail enables us to organize home visits in multiple different cities while still giving each pet we care for the amount of time they need. 
  • One Team, Not Individual Pet Sitters - With FurBabies, you have an entire team looking out for your furry friends. Not only does this make it possible for us to cover a wide service area, but it also means that there will always be someone to care for your pets regardless of any emergencies.
  • Technology to Keep You Connected - While you are traveling, we send photos and updates on your pets, as well as provide GPS monitoring so that you can see when your pet sitter checks in and out. This keeps you up to date on your pets and can help you feel confident that they are receiving top care. 

In-home pet care is a preferred option for many pets since your cat or dog can stay in their familiar home. They may already have some anxiety when you are gone, but staying around their favorite napping spots, toys, and backyard can help them feel more relaxed as they await your return.

When you are searching for pet care in Lake Mary, Sweetwater, Longword, or Sanford, choose the local team that you can always rely on. Contact us to request a quote for pet care in your home or fill out a new client form and we can set up your first meet and greet. You can also click here to learn more about our services and rates.