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Do you feel guilty leaving your pet? Use FurBabies Home Pet Care to boost your pet's spirit and ease their lonely heart when you're forced to leave them home alone.

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Pet Sitting

Your pet can rest calmly, securely and comfortably in their own home. You can relax and be guilt-free knowing your FurBaby is...

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Gps App

GPS functionality records pet sitter check-ins allowing you to keep track of when we check in and out of your pet’s visits! Clients can request service...

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Potty breaks and dog walks are extremely important to dogs that are kept indoors or left alone for an extended period...

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About Me

Kimberly O'Brien
Founder/Pet Sitter
Dog Walker

Pet lover, owner and "do-it-all-gal" at FurBabies Home Pet Care. Kimberly has been a pet care provider for years and finds great pleasure in working with her clients and their pets. She has built a solid reputation for providing reliable services and quality care in this industry.

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Meet Your Sitters

Kathy (Kat) aka My Mom

My affection for pets and some of my most valuable experience has come through my growing up years and learning from my mother's similar love for pets. There's not a time I can remember when our home wasn't full of pets! As a single mom of 3 young children to bring in a little extra money mom, Kathy ("Kat"), first began breeding angelfish Read more...

Rave Reviews

Becki Ward


I never leave town because of the lack of care to my 3 precious cats. I now found Furbabies! They are very profesional, covering all the bases via a internet portal you can update constately..

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September 13, 2019

Pet Sitting for “Problem Breeds”

There are so many different types of dogs. Although every dog has its own personality, dog breeds also have their own behaviors that are more common within the breed. Shelties like to bark. Hounds like to sniff. Pugs like to breathe really cute. There is a belief that some breeds also tend to be “more … Continue reading Pet Sitting for “Problem Breeds”

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September 5, 2019

Pet Sitter for New Puppies

The day you take home your puppy is always a joyous one. Those little furballs are so incredibly cute, silly, and excited to be a part of your family. They are also quite a bit of work. Dogs are amazing animals. But easy is one thing they are not, and as puppies, they can be … Continue reading Pet Sitter for New Puppies

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