Kimberly’s Story

Kimberly’s Story

My Story...

I'm often asked, “Why did you decide to become a Pet Sitter?”. Well, the best answer for that is – “I didn’t, it chose me!”. I’ve always had pets in my home. Family, friends, and neighbors have always trusted me to care for their pets. And although a Pet Sitting company in Lake Mary was never something I imagined I'd be doing, looking back, I realize now that God was marking out my path that would bring me to where I am today. I’ve seen the promise of Proverbs 3:5-6 in action, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.”

The jobs I held, unbeknownst to me, were preparing me for what I do today! For 13 years, I held a job that I loved, managing at Blockbuster. Eventually, however, circumstances made it clear that it was time to move on. From that point on, I could find no security or satisfaction in subsequent places of employment and then, unexpectedly one day; I was devastated to suddenly be unemployed!! That time in my life brought great turmoil with no understanding as to where I was to fit into this life. Why was my path so uncertain? I wondered, where is He taking me?

While SCOURING the internet seeking a desperately needed job, I kept coming across nanny jobs, dog walking jobs, housekeeping jobs… Dog walking? Hmmm? Interesting. About that same time, two of my neighbors asked me to care for their pets while they went away for the weekend. Of course, having done it several times before in the past, I said yes!

It was while I was tending to their pets, still in great need of a job, that the thought came to me, “It would be nice to get paid to do this." Well, there was my answer, my direction, the path to take! It all clicked into place in my mind and heart. Within weeks, FurBabies was born!

Believing that everything happens for a purpose, looking back, I believe the Lord was preparing me for exactly this, FurBabies! Starting from my childhood with all the animals, to my long-held management jobs where I delighted in helping the customers and learned so much, to the succession of failed job experiences, I believe this is where I'm to be. My trust is in Him, to show me the way as I keep faithful to follow. My clients are amazing, and since the beginning of this wonderful journey in 2015, I'm surer than ever that THIS is where He was taking me! FurBabies Home Pet Care has been successful, of course, due in part to the incredible clients that come my way, and my amazing team, but I must give all the praise and glory to my Lord!

Kathy (Kat) aka My Mom

My affection for pets and some of my most valuable experience has come through my growing up years and learning from my mother's similar love for pets. There's not a time I can remember when our home wasn't full of pets! As a single mom of 3 young children to bring in a little extra money mom, Kathy ("Kat"), first began breeding angelfish and newts. We, together, also raised hamsters and black & white gerbils (the pet store owner told me that I was the first to breed black & whites)! You could imagine the duties required in keeping all the fish and critters fed with clean tanks and cages if our venture was to succeed!

Responsibilities and work ethics were a must in our home. Mom eventually worked as a vet tech to cover the bills, while at home the family endeavor continued, evolving into dog and cat boarding. Through the years Mom became a professional dog groomer and was finally able to stay home full time with her grooming/boarding and show/breeding program.

Even though I now have pet sitters on my team, my mom has and always will be an integral part of the birth and success of FurBabies. Even when mom's availability is limited, she's the best for loving and petting and always helping out when an extra hand is needed. Mom and I have resided together in Lake Mary, FL since 2009 with our own pets; Shelby, Maverick, Frankie, Deklyn, and Kismet.