• October 21st, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    October 4th was World Animal Day

    October 9th was National Pet Obesity Day

    October 16th was National Feral Cat Day

    Today, October 21st, is National Pet for Veterans Day and National Reptile Day

    But that’s not all…

    National Black Cat Day is October 27th

    National Pit Bull Awareness Day is also October 27th

    And finally National Cat Day is October 29th. And then we get all of the pet days in November and beyond.

    If you’ve followed our blog or our social media pages for a while, you’ve probably seen us post about these “National” days dedicated to pets and animals. It’s not an exaggeration to say that there are a lot of them, and some – like “National Black Cat Day” – can almost seem like a bit of overkill. So why do we pay attention to these national days?

    Life is Busy – Remember Your Pets

    The truth is that, no matter how much we love our pets and animals and how much we care about them, real life – human life – has a way of distracting us from that love and attention.

    For so many people, they come home after a long day of work and they are just not thinking about anyone. They’re on their phones, laying on the couch, “vegging” after a day of meetings. The last thing on their mind is their dog, cat, or other pet. They still love them, but they’re in a different world.

    Which is why these days matter.

    If it’s part of your daily practice to check on the different “national pet days” or to pay attention to our FurBabies Facebook page, and you see a reminder that today is X pet day, it’s often that flash that helps you remember to love your pet and show them some attention. Because although they’re animals, they’re also members of the family, and the last thing you want to do is forget a family member.

    So it’s true that there are a lot of “National” pet days, but they all play a role in helping us be the best pet parents we can be. If you need help caring for your dog, cat, lizard, or other animal, call FurBabies Home Pet Care today.