• June 24th, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    We would all love it if we could take our pets with us everywhere we go. But the world is not designed for dogs, which means there are situations where it becomes important to find someone that can watch our pets for us while we’re away.

    Traditionally, most local dog owners leave their pets with a Lake Mary dog boarding or pet hotel service. These facilities are useful, but they also house hundreds of dogs in small cages. They can be loud, cramped, and offer little in terms of attention and care. They’re also costly, and often operated by those without appropriate training.

    Professional In-Home Lake Mary Dog Boarding

    FurBabies Home Pet Care is a Lake Mary pet sitting company. Two of our most popular services are our overnight stay and in-home pet sitting options – both of which represent an alternative to traditional dog boarding that is more:

    • Private
    • Caring
    • Professional

    Each option is also affordable, with costs that are often comparable to some of the local dog boarding facilities. Yet the benefits of this type of care make it a far more preferable option to those that want to make sure their pets are cared for when they’re gone:

    • Overnight Stays – We can stay at your very own home overnight, acting as a pet sitter and house sitter at the same time. This ensures your pet is in a comfortable environment while you’re away.
    • In-Home Pet Care – We also allow you to drop your pet off at the houses of one of our best pet sitters. This lets your pet be watched in a place that is designed to care for dogs, all with fewer other pets around than traditional dog boarding and a much more open space.

    There are benefits to both of these approaches, and we’re happy to talk to you about how each option compares to others and what types of dogs are best in these situations. But no matter which you choose, your dog will be cared for in a place that is quieter, more comfortable, and where they’ll receive much more attention. Our staff is also insured, trained in pet CPR and first aid, and more.

    Why Doesn’t Everyone Bring Their Pet to FurBabies Home Pet Care?

    There is only one downside of this type of pet care – reservations fill quickly, as our team of pet sitters limits themselves in the number of dogs they watch a time. That is why, if you were considering a dog boarding service in Lake Mary, choose instead to leave your pet with FurBabies Home Pet Care. Contact us today via our form for a no-obligation quote.