Where to Socialize Your New Puppy in Longwood, FL

Where to Socialize Your New Puppy in Longwood, FL

One of the keys to keeping your dog happy and easy to get along with is socialization in their early years. This means exposing your dog to people, other dogs, and new sights in their early months. In Longwood and the surrounding area, taking your new puppy with you to stores is a great way to show them new experiences and stimuli.

Dog Friendly Stores in Longwood

Before you start taking your dog into stores, you need to scope out places that will welcome a four legged friend. Pet stores are an obvious choice, and we have several in Longwood. But other chain stores will also allow you to bring your dog inside.

Before you go, make sure your puppy has up-to-date vaccinations and can safely be in public. They will also need to be leashed and bringing a handful of treats is never a bad idea.

Stores that should welcome dogs in the Longwood area include:

  • The Pet Pantry - A local business specializing in finding the best food options for your pet, their store is a great place to meet other dogs. And if you find the perfect food solution, they also offer delivery.
  • Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming - This may be a national chain, but each store has a local feel. Take your dog to see new sights and dogs and then reward them with a baked treat just for them.
  • Other Pet Stores - Petco and Petsmart are both nearby options that have plenty of stimuli and other animals to socialize with.
  • Hardware Stores - Nearby hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, and Harbor Freight Tools will often permit dogs in their stores, exploding your pet to new people, sights, and sounds. It is best to call and check with the individual store before heading out, just in case.

For some outdoor socialization, the Arbor Dog Park here in Longwood will also give your dog a chance to run around with other dogs. Make sure your dog is old enough and keep them supervised, especially as a puppy, when visiting the dog park.