• May 21st, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    Pet owners are getting a little bit better about understanding the Lake Mary, FL heat. Dog lovers in this part of Florida are not leaving dogs in the car quite as often, or taking their dogs out without water. But pet owners still have a way to go before they truly understand what dogs need to stay safe in the heat.

    It’s important to remember that Florida is hot. Areas like Orlando can reach 105 degrees or more, along with a humidity that can really stress out pets as much as humans. Your dog may seem like it wants to go outdoors, but there are situations where it may simply be too hot for your pet to be outside.

    How Hot is Too Hot?

    Different dog breeds are going to have slightly different tolerances, due to size, hair, and more. But there are some ways to test to see whether or not it is probably too hot for your pet. These include:

    • Hands on the Ground – Try placing your palm on the pavement. If it is almost unbearably hot after 5 to 10 seconds, it is too hot for your dog’s sensitive paws.
    • Watch for High Stepping – Similarly, hot weather means hot sidewalks. You’ll sometimes see your pet walk funny – almost dainty – as though they are trying to keep their feet high off the ground. They are! That’s another sign it may be too hot for Fido.
    • Seeking Shade – Dogs are survivalists that may try to tell you when they’re uncomfortable by accident. For example, if you see your pet seeking shade, chances are they are too hot.
    • Panting – Finally, if your dog is panting right away after being outside, it is likely too hot for them.

    It’s always a good idea to avoid risk. If it feels hot for you, it’s probably hot for your dog as well. It’s always a good idea to monitor the heat, carry water on you, and test to see if it is probably too hot for your dog to be outdoors.