• March 11th, 2020
    Written by: Kimberly

    Have you noticed an unpleasant smell in your home when you get back after a long day out? At first you think your dog might have had an accident. But when you look, you can’t find any puddles or stains. Besides, your dog is housetrained. She knows not to go in the house. So what gives?

    There is a chance your dog is having accidents in secret while you’re away. If work or errands keep you away for six or more hours, your dog might not be able to hold his bladder long enough. This can be especially true for puppies or senior dogs. Even the best trained pup sometimes can’t help himself.

    Why Your Dog is Hiding Her Accidents

    A dog can hide their accidents out of shame. Housetrained dogs know they’re supposed to relieve themselves outside. Your dog worries that peeing in the house will upset you. When she can’t hold it anymore, she relieves herself somewhere she thinks you won’t notice. This might be in a corner or beneath furniture.

    Unfortunately, this behavior can make your home start to smell. There’s no need to worry. Before the smell gets worse, there are steps you can take for your pup.

    How Can I Stop My Dog from Having Accidents?

    First, it's important to never shame or punish your dog for any accident. Dogs that are punished when they pee inside the house are more likely to hide their accidents, because they still need to go but do not want to get in trouble.

    Your dog might need more walks. In many cases, simply giving your dog another chance to relieve himself throughout the day can solve your problem. Six or more hours without a trip outside is a long time for your dog to hold it.

    Of course, it’s not always possible to be home to walk your dog. Life keeps you busy. Work and errands don’t always permit you to be with your dog all day. This is where a professional dog walker can help.

    Our pet sitters can walk your dog while you’re away. We have a variety of options to fit yours and your dog’s needs. Your dog will get regular walks for an extra chance to relieve herself. That means no more discomfort for your pup, no more accidents in the house, and no more smell.