• October 15th, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly
    Dog waiting for walk. Labrador retriever standing with leash in mouth against door of house.

    “Don’t call a shelter. Call a trainer.”

    There was a great image a while back that was shared across social media. It was an image of a dog getting into trouble, with the caption “don’t call a shelter, call a trainer.”

    We all have heard stories of people that purchased a dog, found the dog was more difficult than they expected, and brought it to the shelter to be adopted. Maybe we even found ourselves in that situation at some point. But sometimes, all you need is a bit of dog training, as dogs are animals that benefit from someone that can guide them towards better household behaviors.

    Training is More Than Sit/Stay

    Yet what you may not know is that dog training itself is only a part of the puzzle. There are other components to making sure that your pet is behaving well and ready to be a productive part of the family. These include:

    • Regular, consistent exercise.
    • Attention, play, and individual care.
    • Expressions, both verbal and physical, of love and affection.

    These may seem like just a typical part of raising a dog. But they’re also considered to be a long term part of the dog training process. Exercise, like dog walks, helps your dog eliminate excess energy so that they’re calmer, happier, and ready to listen. Attention strengthens the bond they have with humans and gives them much needed socialization. Affection in all forms provides them with acceptance, something dogs crave from their “pack.”

    As pet sitters, many people feel like we’re just performing basic dog maintenance. But these services that we are able to offer are also a critical component of molding a happier, healthier, and above all else better behaved pet.

    So instead of calling a shelter, call a dog trainer. And once you’ve called a dog trainer, see if you might also need a dog walker and pet sitter. As you find that you have less and less time in your day, maybe you’re ready to seek out help from our experienced and vetted pet sitting staff. Contact FurBabies Home Pet Care in Lake Mary and Sanford to learn more.