• May 24th, 2018
    Written by: Kimberly
    Cats are known for their independence. It is one of the reasons they make such amazing roommates. But their independence can be misleading for pet owners that sometimes feel they can leave their cats for days at a time without someone to check in.

    We strongly recommend that you have a pet sitter, like our team here at Furbabies, check in on your cat at least once per day. There are many reasons why this is important for both the health and wellness of your cat, including:

    • Hidden Illness
    The last thing any of us want is for our wonderful feline to fall ill. In addition, many cats hide their illnesses instinctively as a form of self-protection. But it’s possible that your pet falls sick before or after you leave, and checking on them ensures that they are properly monitored.
    • Poop Happens
    Cats are clean animals. It’s why they have a love/hate relationship with litter boxes. In general they love using litter boxes, but they may stop once the litter is full or dirty. That can mean an unfortunate mess when you come home.
    • Cats Love Love
    Your cat may take care of themselves, but they still love you and miss you when you are away. A little bit of attention and human contact can mean the world to them.
    • Cats Are Sometimes Too Adventurous
    Have you ever found your pet in a surprising place? Like a closed closet or under a box? Cats can sometimes find themselves stuck somewhere you did not expect or hurt themselves in their excitement to explore. A daily pet sitter makes sure they are still safe with access to food and water.
    • Help For You
    Your cat may be okay. But what about your home? If your cat has an accident, or knocks anything over, we are there to clean up and help you, too!

    We also always make sure to see your pet and let them know they are cared for, and if you have more than one cat we will make sure they ALL have access to food and water, and that no single cat is hogging it all.

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    Pet sitting is not only for dogs and ferrets. If you have a cat - or many cats - we’ll be there to love on them when you’re not home to do it.

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