• March 15th, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly
    March 14th is not only pi-day. It's also National Save a Spider Day. Yes, they can be creepy. Yes, they can be crawly. Yes, they can be terrifying. Yes, they can be gross. Yes, they can be... Wait, what was our point? Oh yeah. Spiders may be all of those things to some people*, but their effect on the environment is second to none. Spiders eat all of the different pests and insects that affect our lives every day. In fact, one spider can eat as many as 2,000 insects a year. Yes, that's 2,000 insects for every one spider. So, maybe today, instead of killing the spider you find inside of your home, you do your best to shoo it outside and let it live a little bit longer. Your pets will thank you as well, because spiders eat many pests that bother your dogs and cats, such as:
    • Fleas
    • Ticks
    • Mosquitoes
    They may not be able to prevent them all, but by saving that spider you are able to give your pets a little bit of extra protection, all by just bringing that spider back outdoors where it belongs. That's why it's worth celebrating a day to remind ourselves to save those spiders if we can. *And for all of you that may have your own pet spiders, rest assured we can pet sit them as well. But we don't take spiders out for walks unless they are proven leash trained.