• March 18th, 2018
    Written by: Kimberly
    It may be hard for you to leave your dog. But it is harder on your dog. While we at Furbabies Home Pet Care in Lake Mary do whatever we can to make sure your pet feels loved, cared for, and happy, it is still important that you consider a few helpful tips for prepping your home and your dog for your departure.

    How to Prepare for Pet Sitting

    Prep Data – Make sure your pet sitter has the name of the vet, their contact information, and any relevant health information in an easy to access place.

    Let Neighbors Know – Let neighbors that you trust know that you will have a pet sitter come over, so they’re not concerned if someone enters your property. As always, be careful of notifying anyone that you do not trust that you will be out of town.

    Set Up an Emergency Contact for Your Pet and Pet Sitter – At Furbabies Home Pet Care, we do our best to setup a system in the event of an emergency that prevents us from visiting your pet. But it is also a good idea to see if someone you know can be an emergency contact – someone with a key, that can come visit the pet if something happens.

    Provide Your Scented Clothes – Find an old shirt, wear it throughout the day, and then give it to your pet unwashed before you leave. This will help make sure your pet has something that smells like you available if they feel lonely.

    Check Your Reserves – Make sure you have all the food, water, and medication you need before you go. Medication is especially important, as we may not be able to get you replacement medications if we run out.

    Leave Unexcitedly – Finally, say your goodbyes the day before. On the day you’re leaving, you want to make sure your pet is as calm and relaxed as possible. You need to leave without saying goodbye or giving your pet hugs and kisses. Goodbyes get your pet excited and scared, so when you leave they feel empty. If you 'ignore' your pet before you go and leave without any fanfare, your pet will be happier and calmer when you are gone.

    Ask Us For Help
    If you would like to know more about how to prepare for our arrival, give us a call today, and let our team of pet sitters make sure your dog is watched and loved in your absence. 407-489-9418