• June 10th, 2020
    Written by: Kimberly

    FurBabies Home Pet Care is here to help with all of your pet sitting needs. Though we're here to help with all different types of animals, most of the work we do is with dogs, which have more needs and love human attention.

    We work with dogs of all ages. But older dogs often need our help. That's because the older a dog gets, the more their needs change, and pet sitting is a great way to address those needs

    The Changing Needs of Older Dogs

    As dogs get older, they find themselves needing a bit more care. Sure, they sleep more, and sometimes they eat a bit less. But your dog often has additional needs that it depends on its owners to support:

    • More Bathroom Breaks - Your dog may not be able to hold it in as long as it used to. It may need more bathroom breaks during the day to feel comfortable and to avoid accidents.
    • Medications - Some medications need to be given within specific time intervals that may occur during the day, when you're at work. We can make sure that your pet gets the medications they need.
    • Short Walks - Older dogs need to walk to stay healthy. But they also may not have the energy for long walks anymore. Short walks throughout the day keeps dogs healthier without overworking them.

    Older dogs may also have accidents or need to be checked on once in a while to make sure they're feeling their best. All of these needs can be addressed with a friendly and supportive pet sitter.

    Not All Pet Sitting is Created Equal

    Because older dogs have more needs, they also need to be cared for by those that know how to handle these issues. Our pet sitters are trained in pet CPR, know how to give medication and care for older pets, and are in tune with the needs of your dog. Licensed, bonded, and insured, Furbabies Home Pet Care is the best choice for pet sitting older dogs in Lake Mary and Sanford, FL. Call us today to tell us more about your pet.