• August 26th, 2020
    Written by: Kimberly

    The rain in Lake Mary doesn't stop the heat, and that makes it more and more important to keep your dog safe - especially on walks. We prioritize the safety of your dog on every walk because dogs, even more so than people, struggle with severe heat.

    The problem is that sometimes, heat that feels fine for humans can still hurt dogs in ways they struggle to communicate. Nowhere is that as obvious as the heat from sidewalks and asphalt.

    Hot Ground and Dogs

    When the sun is hot, it's even hotter on the ground. Asphalt is especially problematic. When the air temperature is 95 degrees, like it has been this week, the asphalt temperature can be as high as 150 degrees.

    For reference, scalding hot water from a sink will burn your skin in 6 seconds at 140 degrees. 150 degrees is extremely hot, and even more so when all of your weight is being pressed against your feet.

    But it's also important to remember that it's not just asphalt.

    • Sidewalks can be hot.
    • Dirt can be hot.
    • Artificial grass can be 50 degrees hotter than it is outside.

    Remember, part of paying attention to your dog's health and comfort is not only checking the areas you expect (like asphalt), but also the areas you may not, like your backyard deck or dead grass on your lawn.

    Your dog needs walks, and there are situations when you have to figure out how to let your dog outside. But you should also do your best to be careful. Whether that requires watering down your grass so that it cools down, checking the ground frequently on longer walks when changing terrain, or staying in the shade. The more careful you are, the safer it will be for your dog.