• December 10th, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    FurBabies Home Pet Care is the leading pet sitting and dog walking service in Lake Mary, Sanford, and Longwood. We're here to care for your pets, with a love of animals and the ability to provide licensed, insured, bonded care for any of the furry friends under our watch.

    But what about our feathered friends?

    Rest assured, we are here to care for them too.

    Bird Sitting in Lake Mary and Central Florida

    We love animals. All animals. We also know that it's difficult to take care of your animals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have work, you have vacations, you have busy lives.

    As animal lovers, just like you, we believe it is important to be available to help with all pets. Not just dogs and cats, but fish, ferrets - even pet spiders if you have any. We want to make sure your pets are as healthy and happy as possible, no matter what type of pet they may be.

    And so of course we are available to help you with your birds as well. If you have parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, finches - if you need help caring for your birds, FurBabies Home Pet Care is here to help.

    What's Included in Our Bird Pet Care Services?

    If you need someone to come and watch your birds while you're away, we'll provide a variety of services, including:

    • Individual Attention - All pets get lonely, so we'll interact with your bird and make sure they have someone to "talk" to.
    • Food and Water - We'll check to make sure they still have food and water, and that they are clearly eating and drinking properly.
    • Cleaning Cages - We'll clean out the cages, make sure there are no dangers within the cage, and more.

    Birds make wonderful pets and deserve their own personal pet sitter. We can also perform supplementary services like taking in your mail and making sure the house is safe and secure.

    Contact FurBabies Home Pet Care Today for Bird Sitting

    Any type of pets, any type of pet sitting. If you need someone to watch after your birds while you're away, let the team at FurBabies Home Pet Care help. Serving Lake Mary, Sanford, and Longwood, FurBabies is proud to be able to offer the best quality care for you and your pet. Call us today to get started.