Services & Rates

Services & Rates


Monday to Friday 11:00am – 3:00pm

Let us help you while you’re at the office. If you have a demanding schedule don’t worry! We’ve got your baby covered. One of our amazing pet sitters will get your pooch out for a walk to stretch their legs and do their thing! We provide dog walking for dogs of all ages, including older dogs and puppies.

We understand each pet is unique. We offer a variety of monthly Dog Walking options. Service renews each month making it convenient for you with a special discounted rate!

15 Minutes | $19 Great for our senior friends.
20 Minutes | $22 Most popular for a quick stretch to beat Florida's heat!
30 Minutes | $30 Perfect for active dogs and energetic puppies.
45 Minutes | $40 A great visit for puppies in training!

*Prices are for up to 2 dogs that can be walked together.
Due to Florida’s humidity & heat walks or time spent in the backyard are normally about 10-20 minutes during hotter days. Our remaining time is spent playing inside. We refresh water and love on your fur babies!


365 days a year 7am to 9:30pm - Morning, Mid-day, Evening & Bedtime

Pet sitting in your home is an excellent alternative to boarding in a kennel. Many veterinarians and pet care experts believe that keeping pets in their familiar surroundings minimizes stress when their owners have to be away from home. Pets are able to maintain their diet, exercise and sleeping routines. And they enjoy the personal attention provided by one of our amazing pet sitters. This also diminishes their exposure to illnesses from other animals.

Whatever takes you away from home (work, travel, meetings, family emergency) put your mind at ease and let one of our pawsome pet sitters step in and take care of your pets needs when you can’t.

Our clients are mostly dog and cat owners but we also care for other small critters such as rabbits, birds, turtles, frogs, guinea pigs, gerbils, fish, tarantulas, hamsters, iguanas, etc.

We realize no two pets are alike. We can provide a free quote of services to personalize your pet

We provide multiple pet sitting visits per day which is totally customizable. We offer 20 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute visits and can visit your pet up to four times each day. You can mix and match your visits; they don’t all have to be the same length of time at each visit:

All prices are for up to 2 pets.

Contact the office for special prices for multi-pet households.

$25 for 20 minutes
$33 for 30 minutes
$43 for 45 minutes
$52 for 60 minutes

We work in many different time blocks throughout the day and you choose what works best for your pet:

Early Morning (7:00am – 9:0am)
Mid-Morning (9:00am – 11:00am)
Mid-day Afternoon (11:00am – 3:00pm)
Late Afternoon/Dinner (3:00pm – 6:00pm)
Early Evening (5:30pm – 7:30pm)
Evening/Bedtime (7:30pm – 9:30pm)

No longer than 12 hours ever goes in between pet sitting visits for dogs. For example, if your dog was visited at 8pm, our sitter will arrive to your home no later than 8am the following morning.


Overnight Package Options:

  1. Overnight in Your Home - no extra visits - $160.00
  2. Overnight in Your Home - with 1 visit - $180.00
  3. Overnight in Your Home - with 2 visits - $200.00

Give your pets and your home added security. Have one of our awesome pet sitters spend the night in your home with your cherished pets! This service is for 9 hours. Includes an hour bedtime visit and an hour morning visit, clients add additional visit for dinner. This is an extremely popular service. We book up quickly so make your reservations as soon as possible. Includes 2 pets

Introducing Bed & Breakfast (B&B) Option:

With our B&B option, we'll arrive at your home in the evening, between 7:30 PM and 9:00 PM, to spend quality time playing, cuddling, and showering your pooch with love before tucking them in for the night. Then, bright and early the next morning, between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM, we'll return for breakfast, a refreshing walk, and plenty of pampering during the 45 minutes we have together. This service is $110 (does not include additional daytime visits). Includes 2 pets

We understand that every pet has unique needs and preferences, and our goal is to provide personalized care tailored to your fuzzy faced individual requirements. Whether your pet is an early riser, requires medications, enjoys cuddling, or simply needs a little extra TLC, we're here to ensure they receive the love and attention they deserve.


For pets that are a bit more needy!

Occasional situations arise when Fido & Fluffy are not happy at home and they need special attention. FurBabies Home Pet Care understands keeping a pet at home doesn’t always work best for the pet. Noisy, chaotic facilities aren’t the answer either. Private Boarding is offered in my DeBary home. Dogs and cats have free roam of our home as if it is their own. We ask that your pet(s) are updated on all vaccines, current on flea & tick preventative and must be 100% house broken. Pets have 24/7 access to fresh water, they stay on their feeding schedule and will have around the clock care and attention in my home. We have limited availability. Make your reservations as soon as possible.

To attend Private Boarding in our home your dog (cat) should be:

  •  Spayed or neutered
  •  Social with other dogs and cat friendly
  •  Current on vaccines including Bordetell (2 weeks prior to boarding)
  •  Currently on flea & tick preventative
  •  100% House broken – wee wee pads are not acceptable
  •  Recently bathed (within 48 hours) and trimmed nails
  •  Wearing a secure collar with tags
  •  Not overly protective of food or toys
  •  Non-aggressive

Dogs $75 overnight | each additional dog $20
Cats $40 overnight | each additional cat $10

Door to door pick up service available to/from your home | $25 one way

Puppies are welcome; please Request a Quote


Pooper Scooper Service | $24

For the first 20 minutes of scooping. Your sitter will clean up the poop in your yard.

Pet Taxi | $25

Do you need someone to pick-up or drop off your furry pal from the groomer or veterinarian’s office? (per half hour)

Full Plant Watering Service | $20

Up to 5 plants are included in your basic service. If you have more plants or outside garden that need attention while you’re gone we’re here for you!

Pick-Up Service | $25

Why be bothered? We’ll make a trip to your post office, pharmacy, dry cleaner, (you get the picture!) and get whatever you need. Pick up needs to be within 8 miles of your home.

Home Waiting Service | $30 per hour

Do you have a delivery expected or is the cable guy expected to arrive between 12 & 4? We’ll do the waiting for you!

Key Lock-out Service | $35

It happens to us all. You’ve trusted us with your house key and now we can help you back in. We are just a phone call away. We can’t promise that we’ll be there immediately, but we’ll do our best. $40 after hours