Sanford, FL Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, and More

Sanford, FL Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, and More

You care for your pet when you’re free at home. But who is looking out for them when you’re away, or when you find yourself too busy to give it the care and attention it needs?

FurBabies Home Pet Care is a professional Sanford pet sitter and dog walker that is here to provide your pet with the love, attention, and care they need to continue to feel happy and healthy.

We care for pets throughout Sanford, FL, and adore the dogs, cats, ferrets, and other pets that we've watched and played with. Let our personal, best-practices approach to home pet care help us become your top choice for your pet’s needs. Learn more by calling 407-489-9418.

Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter in Sanford, FL?

Everyone loves pets. But professional pet sitters offer something more. With FurBabies Home Pet Care, you're getting more for your pet than just someone to watch them. You're receiving:

  • Pet sitter that has passed a thorough background check.
  • Pet sitter that has been trained in pet CPR and First Aid.
  • Pet sitter capable of snout to tail wellness assessments
  • Pet sitter that is licensed and insured.
  • Pet sitter that will be accountable.

You have a Sanford pet sitter and dog walker that you can trust to be there. And all of our pet sitters go the extra mile, making sure to pick up poop, clear any kitty litter, and even take out your trash if you like.

We can provide medicine to older pets, we can make sure lights and stoves are off, we can check locks, we can feed your pet - whatever you need us to do, our experienced pet care professionals are here to help.

Dog Walking in Sanford, FL

We all live busy lives. But our pets, especially dogs, sometimes need us to help them with their needs. Whether it’s a bit of exercise or a mid-day bathroom break, dog walking gives your pet a chance to engage their senses and relieve their tension so that they are happier, healthier, and more relaxed throughout the day.

Our dog walking services are both cost efficient and available in multiple time increments depending on how long a walk you wish to give your pet, and with monthly service contracts available, you'll be able to trust that your dog is being well cared for.

Pet Sitting in Sanford, FL

It is not uncommon to find yourself needing to head out for a day or two or seven. In an ideal world, you would always be able to bring your pet, but most hotels and motels do not allow furry friends and traveling with them on a plane is near impossible.

Let us provide you with pet sitting that meets your pet’s needs, with 4 visits throughout the day and supplementary services like bringing in your mail and taking out any trash on the property.

With a maximum of 12 hours between visits, and emergency pet sitting available last minute when our sitters are available, we’re here to make sure your pet is in its most comfortable place and getting the attention it deserves. Dogs, cats, ferrets, bunnies, snakes, lizard, fish – let us care for any pet you may have.

Dog Boarding and Pet Boarding in Sanford, FL

We are so happy to be able to offer private boarding services as well, for your dog or for any of your companion animals. For pets that are a bit more needy and would benefit from a home with happy pet lovers, we can watch your pet overnight and care for them at a very affordable daily rate.

Your pet will stay with owner/dog sitter Kimberly in her DeBary home in an unconfined room that is perfect for their needs. Our costs are comparable to pet hotels and other dog boarding services, yet your dog or cat is in a quieter, safer, more comfortable place cared for by someone that genuinely loves animals.

Limited availability!

Overnight Home Stays in Sanford, FL

When your pet is more comfortable in your house, but you want someone to give it that added layer of security, ask about our extremely popular overnight pet sitting service in Sanford.

One of our pet sitters spends the night in your home, making sure that your pet is loved and cared for. It is a service that books up very quickly, however, so make sure that you call today if you would like to learn more.

Have a Pet Sitting Need? Let Us Know

FurBabies is the best pet service in Central Florida, and happy to assist you at your Sanford residence. We watch dogs, cats, bunnies, lizards, mice, snakes - even pet spiders if you have any. If you love your pet, so do we. Give us a call today at 407-489-9418. We would love a chance to learn more about your pet and let you know more about what we can do.

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