• January 24th, 2020
    Written by: Kimberly

    Valentine's Day is around the corner. For some, it's a great excuse for a romantic evening out. For others, it's a great excuse to avoid those evenings at all costs, because the restaurants are packed to the brim.

    Whether you are a couple or riding solo this Valentine's Day, your dog still has needs too. For those going out and those staying in, Valentine's Day is a great excuse for some dog affection.

    Pet Sitters for Romantic Evenings Out

    If you are planning a romantic evening (even if it's not on Valentine's Day), then perhaps you can use a pet sitter. Our services make it possible for you to stay out as long as you need to, or even go out overnight with our overnight stay and boarding service, so that your dog is still getting love and attention and you can focus on your partner.

    Dog Attention for Those Skipping Out on Valentine's Day

    If you're not going out on Valentine's Day then you probably do not need a pet sitter. But what you may need an excuse to spend more time with your dog. Valentine's Day is a great day to take your dog on a much needed walk, take them on a lovely stroll through the park, or treat them to something special.

    So often we forget that holidays do not always need to be celebrated traditionally. Maybe Valentine's Day is the excuse you need to spend more time with your dog. It's a day of love, and who is better at giving and receiving love than your furry friend.