• June 12th, 2022
    Written by: Kimberly

    It is scientifically proven that dogs reduce their owners stress levels and be good for health. When you return from a day of work or settle down in the evening after taking care of kids all day, spending time with your dog is the perfect way to relax.

    But one on one time with you is also a great way for your dog to relax. While you have been busy all day, your dog has likely been wondering where you are and when you are coming home. Your dog also has some pent up energy that can keep her wired when you want to relax and make her more anxious.

    Activities to Relax Your Dog

    Spending time with your dog is the best way for both of you to benefit and feel good in each other’s company. A few hours of hanging out on the couch or napping with your dog provides excellent quality time and petting your dog is shown to relieve any stress you might be dealing with. If you want to encourage your dog to relax during petting, you can provide a massage by petting your dog with long, steady strokes from your dog’s neck to the base of the tail.

    Other activities that will relax both you and your dog include:

    • Taking a Walk - Walks are great for people as the low impact exercise, sunlight, and fresh air gives you endorphins. It is also a chance for your dog to work out her legs and mind. Because you do it together, walking can also grow the bond you have with your dog.
    • Going for a Drive - As long as neither you nor your dog experience car sickness, a simple car ride with the windows down, even if you do not have a destination, can give you a chance to get out of the house and share in an experience.
    • Going Out for Food - What is more relaxing than not having to cook and wash dishes? Next time you treat yourself to a meal or drink out, take your dog along and sit out on the patio. You get the night off from cooking and your dog will get to experience a new place and meet new people.
    • Listening to Classical Music - Scientists have done studies to see which types of music calm dogs down, and classical music often has that effect. This music also works on people as well, so it can help to play some for you and your dog while you relax.

    The right combination of physical activity, stimulation, and one on one time with their humans will keep every dog comfortable and calm, and every human more relaxed.