• September 13th, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    There are so many different types of dogs. Although every dog has its own personality, dog breeds also have their own behaviors that are more common within the breed. Shelties like to bark. Hounds like to sniff. Pugs like to breathe really cute.

    There is a belief that some breeds also tend to be "more aggressive." Some pet sitters will not pet sit for those breeds. At FurBabies Home Pet Care, we believe that all dogs deserve to be cared for. With a few caveats, there is no dog we will not care for.

    What is an "Aggressive Dog Breed?"

    The truth is there is no such thing as a truly aggressive dog breed. There are protective breeds. There are strong breeds. There are breeds of dog that were bread to fight. But there are no dogs that are naturally, always aggressive.

    Even pitbulls, the breed that some believe is aggressive, can often be some of the most loving and caring pets available. Often aggression is raised into the dog, either accidentally or on purpose, or the dog is missing something from their training that will help them be the loving and welcoming pets you hoped for.

    We've been around aggressive dogs. But those aggressive dogs can be any breed. There are Pomeranians that are more aggressive than dobermans, and golden retrievers that are more aggressive than boxers. Breed isn't what makes a dog aggressive.

    No matter you're dog breed, we're available to care for it. There is only one exception:

    We will only care for dogs that are not aggressive around people.

    We don't care about the breed. But we do care about keeping our pet sitters safe. If your dog is aggressive around other dogs, that's okay too! We try to avoid other dogs anyway, because while we trust YOUR dog, we don't always trust the dogs of strangers.

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    Every pet deserves attention and care. There is no breed that is an exception to that. If you're having trouble finding a dog sitter for your dog breed, contact FurBabies Home Pet Care today.