• September 30th, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    Pit bulls are often some of the most loving and caring dogs a person can own. They love to have fun, they love to give big wet kisses, and they adore it when you give them care and attention.

    But there is no denying they have a big of a bad reputation. It's not uncommon for some pet sitters and dog walkers to refuse to care for these beautiful animals, out of fear and misunderstanding about their temperament and safety.

    FurBabies Offers Pitbull Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

    We love all animals, including (and sometimes especially!) pit bulls. We know their reputation is unfairly earned, and we have no problems caring for them while you're away to ensure that they get the walks, care, and attention they need.

    We only have one rule when it comes to caring for any animal - that they are kind towards humans. It doesn't matter if it's a pit bull or a new kitten. We can even provide care if your dog is not fond of other dogs. As long as they like people, we're happy to take care of them.

    Contact Us Today for Pit Bull Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

    Every dog deserves care. If you want someone to help watch or walk your dog, let us know and our experienced pet sitters will be there to help. Fill out the form on our website and Kim will respond quickly with more information.