• March 11th, 2023
    Written by: Kimberly

    FurBabies Home Pet Care Offers Limited In-Home Cat and Dog Boarding – Or Overnight Stays at Your Property

    You can’t take your pet everywhere. They won’t allow dogs on planes. Most cats are not fond of long car rides. Your family probably doesn’t want to watch you play with your pet tarantula. At some point, you’re going to need to find a place for your pet to stay when you’re away.

    But traditional pet boarding in Sanford is not ideal for most pets. It is loud. The pets get very little personalized care. They can’t move around and they often are overwhelmed by the smells and behaviors of other cats, dogs, and other pets. We have some amazing dog hotels and pet boarding locations here in the Sanford area for those that absolutely need it, but even the most amazing pet hotel comes with drawbacks for the vast majority of pets.

    About FurBabies: CPR Certified Pet Sitters for Dog and Pet Boarding

    FurBabies Home Pet Care is a pet sitting and dog walking service. We employ and train amazing human beings that genuinely love pets.

    Some of the services that our pet sitters most appreciate are our in-home pet boarding and overnight stay services. These are services that allow a CPR certified pet lover take care of your dog, cat, lizard, hamster, or any other pet you have while you’re away:

    • In-Home Pet Boarding – Some of our pet sitters offer up their homes for limited pet boarding in Sanford, Lake Mary, and the surrounding area. We accept only a few pets at a time, give them plenty of space to move, and make sure that they are in a safe, comfortable, happy environment where they are well fed and well rested for your return. These spots do fill up very fast, but when available, they are a great choice for pet parents that need an alternative to Sanford pet boarding.
    • Overnight Stays – Another option that many of our clients love is our overnight stay service. We can have one of our pet sitters take care of your pet in YOUR home – a place that they feel that sense of security that will make your time away feel far easier for them to handle. Also available on a limited basis, our sitters will make sure that everything is taken care of overnight while you’re away, and that your dog, cat, or other pet is happy and healthy.

    All of these services are limited. We make sure never to overbook, and we only use amazing pet sitters that have been thoroughly trained and vetted. This limits us to only a few pets at any given time. But if you book with us early and take your spot, you’ll be able to have your pet receive the highest quality care imaginable, in a place that is far more comfortable than any dog boarding and pet hotel service can be.

    Call Today to Schedule

    We do book up quickly, and we give priority to our clients whenever possible. If you think you might need our pet boarding service, contact FurBabies Home Pet Care today for availability. Make sure you also ask about our dog walking services, which help your dog feel more comfortable in your home, as well as our pet sitting service for dogs and cats that need visits while you’re away.