• February 13th, 2023
    Written by: Kimberly

    We all love our pets. But sometimes, we have to go places where our pets may not be welcome. Maybe it’s on a plane, or to a hotel, or at a family member’s house. When that happens, we typically need to find someone that can do pet boarding in Lake Mary – someone that we trust to watch our pets while we’re gone.

    Pet boarding is a useful way to make sure your pet has what they need when you’re away. But it’s not perfect. It’s loud. It’s cramped. Your dog, cat, or other animal is surrounded by dozens, sometimes hundreds of others, all while confined to a very small space within the building. That’s useful when you have no other option, but:

    • What if someone was able to watch your pet at their home?
    • What if someone was able to watch your pet at YOUR home?

    That’s what we offer as an alternative to traditional pet boarding here at FurBabies Home Pet Care. FurBabies offers two different solutions to help you affordably and comfortably make sure your pet is well cared for while they’re away, in an environment that is better suited for your pet’s happiness.

    Alternatives to Pet Boarding in Sanford and Lake Mary, FL

    FurBabies Home Pet Care serves the Lake Mary and Sanford area, with a team of pet sitters that is highly trained and experienced, knowledgeable of CPR and pet health, and carefully vetted for their ability to take care of not only your pet, but also your property. We offer two different services that are viable solutions to traditional pet sitting. These include:

    • Pet “Boarding” at Our Properties – Some of our pet sitters offer their homes as a place to “board” your pet while you’re away. Our private boarding services limit the amount of pets we take at one time, and ensure that our sitters are around most of the day and all night for pets that require that little bit of extra care. Note that we do limit space for our private pet boarding service, so it is important to schedule this early to ensure your dog, cat, or other pet has a spot.
    • Overnight Stays – One of our most popular services that is great for those that also need a house sitter is our overnight stay service. Our pet sitters will stay at your home overnight and take care of your pet in the comfort of your (and their) home. This type of private service ensures that your pet gets to sleep and play in the place they are most familiar with. While we’re there, we can clean litter boxes, pick up trash, give medications, and more, and provide a few additional house sitting services as well.

    Now, these services are limited. We only use carefully selected pet sitters that have passed through training and background checks, and we limit how many clients we take on at a time for our private boarding service. But for those that want to give your pets an alternative to traditional pet boarding, this service provides a far more effective way to make sure your pet is cared for.

    Let us know if you’re interested in any of our pet boarding and pet sitting services. We are happy to talk to you about pricing and scheduling, or go into greater detail about why FurBabies is the best choice for your pet’s care.