• June 4th, 2018
    Written by: Kimberly
    As pet owners, we all love our pets. But we don’t often take the time to truly appreciate them. Life can be so busy that we often forget that these furry animals are family members that spend each and every day loving us in ways that we cannot even begin to imagine.

    The first full week of June is Pet Appreciation Week. It is a time to remember that our pets do more for us than even we realize, and that picking up their poop is a small price to pay for the happier life that they provide.

    In honor of upcoming pet appreciation week, here are a few ideas you can consider in order for your pet to feel as blessed as you do:
    • Ask Your Office For a Bring Your Pet to Work Day – Many of you have to go to work every day, leaving your pet at home. Maybe for one day (or one week!) you can bring your pet with you and show them love all day.
    • Give Your Pet a Pet Day – Even when we spend time with our pets, we sometimes do what we want to do – taking them on OUR favorite trail or going to our favorite dog park. But what would your pet’s dream be? Give them a pet day – a day of chewing old shoes or going to a place that you know they’d love.
    • Social Media Them – Spend the week taking lovely photos of your pet and telling stories about them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your pet may not understand it, but public appreciation is always a great way to acknowledge how important they are to you.

    Of course, treats, grooming, games, walks – there are so many different ways to appreciate your furry friend. And while they may not understand English, it still helps to tell them all the things you appreciate about them. They’ll be able to tell that you’re loving them, and you’ll be able to feel that appreciation.

    You can also consider booking a pet sitter to come visit them while you are away at work, so they never feel abandoned. Give us a call today for pet sitting in the Lake Mary areas.