• December 26th, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    Chrismas is over and a new year is around the corner. We all come up with these resolutions that we try to keep during this time, and because this is a year that ends on "0," these resolutions feel even more important.

    But every year, we tend to choose resolutions that are... unexciting. Exercising, traveling more - they're all good resolutions to have, but you know what is an even better resolution?

    Taking the time to love your pet.

    It's so easy to forget how short our pet's lives are. Dogs, cats, bunnies - all of these pets live between 10 to 15 years at most, and may be much less if you adopted an older dog from a shelter or chose a less common animal.

    But the amount of fulfillment that we get from our pet's lives is unparalleled. That's why this year and this decade, maybe the best thing you can do is choose to prioritize your pet. Spend time with them, appreciate them, and more. You'll find that it makes not only your pet's life richer, but yours as well.

    We hope you all had a wonderful Chrismas, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.