• June 17th, 2018
    Written by: Kimberly
    Dog dad in Lake Mary
    Last month, for Mother’s Day, we celebrated dog moms. But we can’t let June go by without a celebration for dog dads as well. Father’s Day is meant to be a time where we appreciate all that our dads have sacrificed for us. But doggy dads sacrifice their time and energy too in caring for their beloved companion. But in the meantime, this doggy Father’s Day, let your dog celebrate you:
    • Have your dog take you for a long walk at your favorite park, hike, trail, or beach.
    • Let your dog show you he or she loves you with dog kisses.
    • Give yourself a day out soon without your dog, as your dog wants you to have fun too.
    Your dog will also likely leave you many presents in the grass that you can pick up with a plastic bag, although it is probably recommended that you throw those presents away afterward. They’re not really useful or great for re-gifting. Let Your Dog Celebrate You It’s sometimes hard as a dog dad to remember that your dog adores you. They call it Man’s Best Friend for a reason. That’s why, this Father’s Day, you may want to take the time and let your dog appreciate you. If you would like a night out in Lake Mary or any of the nearby areas, give our pet sitters a call today. Furbabies Home Pet Care is always available for dog dads that want to spend a few days to themselves without worrying about their furry friends. Contact us at 407-489-9418.