Longwood, FL Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, and More

Longwood, FL Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, and More

We love our pets. But no matter how much we love them, real life often takes priority. It’s not uncommon to find that you’re simply not around to give your dog or cat or ferret or hamster the love and attention they deserve because of the challenges of your schedule and the difficulty in bringing a pet to the places you need to be.

FurBabies Home Pet Care serves the Longwood, FL area and is here to fill in when you need us to make sure your pets are as healthy and happy as we know you want them to be. With our Longwood pet sitting, dog walking, and other related services, you have the opportunity to care for your pet even when you and your family are unavailable.

At FurBabies, we ADORE your pets, and we want to give them the love and attention that we know that you want for them. Schedule your first appointment today by calling us at 407-489-9418.

Dog Walking in Longwood, FL

There is perhaps no better example of showing your pet love than taking a dog on a walk. Dog walks make dogs happier, healthier, and less emotionally tense. For puppies of all ages that need frequent bathroom breaks, dog walking also helps keep the house cleaner and assists training your pet to go outdoors.

The average dog needs between 30 minutes and an hour of walking per day. But it can be extremely difficult to find that type of time. With our Longwood dog walker services, we’ll make sure that your dog, no matter the breed, is receiving the exercise they need to feel happy and content.

Pet Sitting in Longwood, FL

It would be great if we could take our pets with us everywhere. But there are many places we go that our pets are simply not allowed to follow, whether it’s work, vacation, date night, or somewhere else. When that happens, consider our pet sitting services for Longwood, FL residents.

We can visit as many as 4 or more times throughout the day to show your pet attention, make sure they’re healthy and cared for, and give them anything they need to stay satisfied. We can also provide supplementary services, such as taking out the trash on trash day or recovering your mail.

With our full service pet sitting options, there is never more than 12 hours between any visits, and you can customize the number of visits and times as well. We can pet sit every single type of pet, from pet dogs to pet spiders, so let us know if you need someone to come to your home and care for your pet in the environment they’re most comfortable in.

Dog and Pet Boarding in Longwood, FL

Although there is limited space available, we are also overjoyed to be able to provide dog boarding and pet boarding services, available through our founder Kimberly O’Brien’s home. This service gives your pet their own private room, attention from Kimberly, and all the care they need. Available for both short and long overnight stays, we never overbook, so make sure you call us soon to ensure that the room is available.

Overnight Home Stays in Longwood, FL

It would be great if our pets were always comfortable in someone else’s home, but we know that some pets need to be at their house, so that they are more comfortable and stress free. We are also able to offer limited overnight pet sitting. We can spend the night at your home, care for your pet and watch your pet, and make sure that they are comfortable in your absence.

Full Service Pet Care with FurBabies

With our genuine love for animals, FurBabies Home Pet Care is simply the best choice for pet sitting and dog walking in Longwood, Florida. For more information, contact us today at 407-489-9418.


FAQ About Longwood Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Q: My dog is older and can use medicine. Can you help?

A: Yes. We can handle most of your pet's needs during our visits. Our role is to be caretakers of your dog, including visiting for potty breaks and medications.

Q: How much of a walk can you give my dog?

A: We have different time options available, from as little as 10 min to as much as an hour. Just let us know what you were looking for and we are happy to help.

Q: Do you watch other pets?

A: Yes! We are cat sitters, ferret sitters, bunny sitters - we would even be tarantula sitters if you had one. We love all animals, and are happy to help with whatever you need.