• June 3rd, 2018
    Written by: Kimberly
    They may seem independent. They may seem like they prefer to be alone. They may seem like they do not need companionship or support. But cats need love too, and June is a great time to give it to them.

    June is Adopt a Cat Month. There are thousands of cats in Lake Mary and the surrounding areas that are looking for someone to love them – someone just like you. June is also a time when many kittens end up in the shelter, giving you a chance to rescue and love a little baby cat from its young age.

    Cats really are amazing pets:
    • They groom themselves.
    • They poop indoors.
    • They require minimal supervision.
    But in many ways these benefits also hide how much cats really do give and experience love. They enjoy having a family to care for them. They appreciate you feeding them and watching over them. They show love by through kneading behaviors, laying with you, purring, rubbing cheeks, and so much more.

    If you’ve ever thought about inviting a new feline into your home, June is the perfect month to do it. Give them a cool place to rest this summer by visiting your local shelter and adopting a new furry, loving companion.