• January 23rd, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly
    Tomorrow is "Change a Pet's Life" day. It is a day that is dedicated to... well... changing a pet's life. The day is dedicated to pet adoption, as it is a wonderful day to head to your local shelter and give love to an abandoned animal. But as pet sitters, many of our clients already have their own pets. How can you change the life of a pet you already have?

    Dog Walking - Keep Your Dog Happy and Active

    Dogs love walks. They stimulate their mind, body, and spirit. Dog walks help your dog live longer, sleep better, and maintain better overall behaviors. They also make dogs happier, as pets that are active are often less stressed and tense than inactive pets. So why not change your own pet's life by giving it more walks throughout the day? As professional dog walkers in the Lake Mary area, we are here to walk your dog when you are away, and give your dog fulfilling walks when you find yourself too busy to budget the time. Our dog walkers genuinely love pets, and can walk your pet as long as you want to make sure that your dog's energy is satiated.

    Change Your Dog's Life, Change a Pet's Life

    It's not about changing a pet's day. It's about changing a pet's life. Whether you adopt a pet this year or decide to give your dog something it has always wanted, there are so many ways we can celebrate this special day. If you are interested in learning more about our dog walking services, please contact us today.