• July 14th, 2023
    Written by: Kimberly

    Leaving our pets with a dog sitter for the first time can be stressful. We can prepare all the emergency contacts, veterinary notices, and other information we need, but in the end, our dog is our best friend. Can someone else really take care of them the way we do? 

    Thankfully, with a few simple steps and reminders, we can set our pet sitter, our dog, and ourselves up for success whenever we leave home for a few days. 

    What to Do Before You Leave

    Before you leave for the first time, there are some activities that you can do, both with and without your pet sitter, to help make the process less stressful and reduce separation anxiety for your dog *and* you. These include:

    1. Take Your Dog and Your Sitter On A Walk Together Before You Leave.

    Our pet sitters and your dog should not only meet first, but we should enjoy an activity together so that we feel safe to your pet. Going on a walk together can give you a chance not only to see your dog sitter’s leash control, but you also get an opportunity to see how your furry friend manages themselves with a new hand leading them.

    This is also a good chance to show your sitter any local routes. Where you usually take your dog, where they tend to relieve themselves, and how long they expect to be walked are all fantastic standards to set before you leave town.

    Also, if there are nearby homes with other notably aggressive animals, going on a walk together creates a moment to point these out to your dog sitter and make their strolls with your pet a little bit less intense.

    • Pre-Portion Food And Go Over Feeding Schedules.

    All of our pet sitters at FurBabies are highly knowledgeable about dog health and food portions. But we also know that you might be nervous, especially if this is your first time. Setting up the portions you want to feed your dog in advance is perfectly understandable, especially if it eases your mind about feeding your dog. Setting up the food and going over feeding schedules is always welcome.

    This is also a good period to go over the location of different food and treats with your sitter. Where do you leave their food, and when do you feed them? Do they get seconds if your dog seems hungry, or are they on a strict diet? As pet sitters, we have both your pet’s and your interests at heart, and we want to hear what you and your vet agree on with regards to feeding.

    • Make Sure the Dog Sitter Knows How To Enrich Your Dog While You’re Away.

    We’re going to take your dog on plenty of walks. But if your dogs know any fun games or they have a favorite toy, feel free and let us know.

    At the visit, break out the dog toys and walk your Dog Sitter through their uses, as well as your dog’s preferences. It may be even a good time to get a new toy to add to the pile, allowing you to offer something new for the Dog Sitter to utilize, as well as something exciting for your furry companion to explore.

    We’re Here for Your Comfort – Call Today

    We know how stressful it can be to leave your pet alone with anyone who isn’t you. With a little bit of planning though, it is possible to feel secure handing over the leash. Your dog will thank you for your extra planning, and you’ll be back home to cuddle up with your best furry friend before you know it.