• July 2nd, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    As we are approaching the Fourth of July, many dog owners are fearing for how their dog will react to the commotion and thunder of the patriotic festivities of 4th of July celebrations. Dogs have outstanding hearing, and fireworks can trigger substantial anxiety in our canine companions.

    As pet sitters that are also dog lovers, we want to make sure you have what you need to keep your pet safe during this time of year. The following are some tips that may help your dog feel less anxious, or find themselves ignoring the firework noises successfully.

    Tips to Reduce Dog Anxiety During Fireworks

    • Play With Your Dog Before and During Fireworks

    Before the fireworks even begin, try to play with your dog a lot to help tire them out and reduce their excess energy. Dogs with less energy may have less anxiety.

    When the fireworks do start, it’s important to make sure your dog is distracted. Playing with your dog can help make sure that he/she will be invested in playtime rather than the scary sounds. They will also feel safe because they are doing an activity with you, which means it should not be dangerous for them.

    • Distract Your Dog With Sound

    There are videos and recordings that are specifically made for dogs to drown out other unwelcoming and uncomforting noises. It is beneficial to play the music before the fireworks start so that they get used to the noise and sounds. Then, when the fireworks start, your dog will be less able to hear them and better able to drown out excess noise.

    • Snuggle Up With Your Dog

    Your dog feels most safe when they are around you, so making sure they get the hugs and belly rubs they need will ensure a healthy and safe mindset for them. They want to find comfort in a state of fear, so staying close by and being at their feet will provide them that security.

    • Make Sure Your Dog is in a Safe and Secure Place

    Dogs will often seek closed and confined spaces during times of unfamiliarity and fear, so making sure that option is available to your dog is important. This could mean they hide in a crate, or under your bed, or even in a bathtub. You also want to make sure that your dog feels he/she has a safe spot because you would not want your pet running away in response to their fear.

    If your dog is one that tends to panic during loud noises, also make sure there is nothing they can run into and hurt themselves nearby.

    Let’s Have a Canine Friendly July 4th

    We know that fireworks are loud. But we often forget that our dogs can both hear fireworks louder than we can, and doesn’t know the origin of the noise. We all want the best for our pets, so make sure that during your festivities this summer, you are also looking out for the wellbeing of your dog.