• September 16th, 2022
    Written by: Kimberly

    Whether your dog has their own Instagram or you simply want photos for the memories, it is a great idea to get out your phone or your camera and snap a few photos of your dog. The pictures are guaranteed to make you smile when you look back on them in a few days or months.

    But if you do want to up your photo game and get some model-worthy photos of your dog, there are a few tips that you can try that often yield better photos. These tips are all about how you approach photographing your dog, so they work with whatever camera you have on hand.

    Dog Photography Tips

    Most dogs are cute 24 hours a day whether they are playing with a favorite toy or are asleep in a funny position. Having a camera ready when the moment arises is the first step in getting some great shots. From there, you can perfect the pictures of your dog by:

    • Staying Relaxed - If you put pressure on your dog, it is likely to stress both of you out and look less authentic. Instead of worrying about posing your dog, try to capture your dog's natural behaviors. The perfect pictures will often flow naturally from there.
    • Look for the Right Lighting - Lighting is important in all photography. If you are outside, a shady area or cloudy day will often give you the best pictures. Indoors, look for a room with a lot of natural light.
    • Capture Your Dog's Eyes - Your dog's eyes can provide the emotion for a shot and help you get a very unique picture. You can tempt your dog with treats or toys to get her to look at you.
    • Move Around - Move around to get into the right position rather than letting your dog or your camera do all the work. This also gives you a wide range of perspectives and interesting angles in your final photos.
    • Be Patient - It can take several shots to get a perfect one. Stay ready with your camera and watch your dog carefully so that you can be ready when the perfect moment occurs. 
    • Get Involved - Get some photos with you and other family members and friends in front of the lens interacting with your dog. This can introduce a whole new range of emotions into your photos and create some great experiences.

    Whether you end up saving all your photos to your phone, sending them to friends and family, or sharing them on your social media, these tips can help make your photos more memorable as you record the many great day to day experiences that your dog has.