• March 17th, 2020
    Written by: Kimberly

    You’re heading out on vacation. While you’re gone, you want to make sure your fish are cared for. Obviously you want to make sure your fish get enough food. But it’s also important to keep their tank water clean and at the right temperature. You’ll also want to have someone to monitor your fish for any signs of sickness while you’re away.

    There are several things you can do to care for your fish while on vacation. Automated feeders and timers offer one low maintenance solution. For the greatest peace of mind, consider a pet sitter for your fish. Especially if your trip will be longer, a pet sitter is the best choice to keep your fish happy and healthy.

    Feeding Your Fish While You’re Away

    One of the top concerns while you’re away is feeding your fish. You don’t want your fish to run out of food, but overfeeding can be harmful. Hands off solutions to feeding your fish include:

    • Fish Blocks - Also known as “vacation feeders.” These are blocks of food that dissolve in water, letting your fish eat over time. A variety of sizes are available depending on how long you’ll be gone. They only work for a small number of fish, however, and you cannot control how often your fish eat. They are also known to cloud your tank water.
    • Automatic Feeders - These feeders release food on a schedule you program. They are a good way to keep your fish on their feeding schedule. Make sure to buy a high quality one and test it out before you leave.

    In some cases, a pet sitter can be the best option to watch your fish. You can trust a professional sitter to feed your fish the right amounts at the right times. If your fish require medication, a fish sitter is a must. Hiring a sitter is also a great way to make sure you fish stay healthy if your trip will last several weeks.

    Before You Leave

    As you prepare for your trip, you’ll want to prepare your fish tank as well. There are a few steps you should take even if you will have a pet sitter watching your fish.

    • Change the Water - Fish tanks need regular water changes to remove toxins and keep your fish’s stress levels down. Do a partial water change in the days before you depart.
    • Check the Filter - You should rinse your filter to remove debris. While you’re gone, the filter will help keep the water clean for your fish.
    • Set Your Thermostat - Fish like a stable temperature. Make sure your thermostat is set to keep the temperature in your home between 65F and 80F.
    • Use a Timer for Aquarium Lights - Keep your fish on their routine to prevent stress. Put any aquarium lights on a timer so they turn on and off at the times your fish expect. Be sure to test the timer before you leave.
    • Monitor Your Fish - Watch your fish before you go for any sign of sickness. If you notice any issues, contact your pet shop.

    Taking these steps before you leave for vacation will help keep your finned friends healthy. For true peace of mind, hire a pet sitter. A professional sitter can monitor your fish and aquarium conditions while you’re away. They can handle any problems that arise. You’ll enjoy your vacation knowing your fish are well cared for at home.