• January 24th, 2023
    Written by: Kimberly

    Cat litter is a blessing for pet owners. It’s one of the reasons cats are considered so easy to care for, as they can go in a designated space without making a big mess, and in theory they can use the litter box multiple times without desperately requiring a cleanout.

    But while your litter box can wait for a cleanout, that doesn’t mean it should. How often should you be cleaning out your cat’s litter box? What about replacing the litter altogether?

    Scooping Out Waste Multiple Times a Day

    In an ideal world, your cat litter box should be cleaned out twice a day, although it is possible to clean your cat litter box out only once a day if you only have one cat. While many families wait a few days before cleaning out the clumps, there are many benefits to cleaning it out at minimum every day. This is because:

    • Smells – The longer dirty cat litter sits, the more likely it is going to create some very foul smells. Over time, those smells can start to seep into the walls, or into the litter box itself.
    • Cat Accidents – Similarly, cats often find these smells very off-putting, and if litter is allowed to sit for too long, your cat may decide it no longer wants to use the box and may have accidents elsewhere. Taking care of the litter box helps avoid these accidents.
    • Extends Life of Cat Litter – The faster you clean out the cat litter, the more likely you can continue to use the remaining cat litter for longer before it needs to be replaced.

    Many vets will also tell you that sometimes you can spot a cat health problem by their waste. If you’re changing the cat litter out regularly, then you’ll know in advance that they’re going, and you’ll also be able to sense if there is a sign of a problem.

    For these reasons, it is best to try to clean your cat litter out morning and night. But if you absolutely cannot clean the cat litter out that often, cleaning it out every night will avoid many of these problematic issues.

    What About Replacing All the Cat Litter?

    Clumping cat litter is designed to make it easier for your cat to use the litter box multiple times a day for many days before it needs to be completely removed and replaced. Part of the lifespan of your cat litter also depends on how often you’re cleaning it out. If you’re cleaning your cat litter out every day, twice a day, then the litter should be able to last you as long as 3 weeks, maybe a month in some circumstances (with only one cat).

    But if you are removing clumps only once a day, or you’re not consistent and miss a day or two, then you should probably replace the cat litter altogether every 2 weeks at the latest, and you should wash the cat litter tray at least once a month. That will ensure that you’re protecting your cat from illness, avoiding long term smells, and keeping your cat litter fresh.

    Changing Cat Litter While You’re Away

    If you plan to be away for an extended period of time, let FurBabies Home Pet Care help. We provide cat sitting services in your home while you’re away, and can clean out the litter box, feed your cat, make sure they’re healthy, and keep them comfortable. Find out more about our pet sitting services by calling FurBabies Home Pet Care, today.