• December 27th, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    It's been raining around Lake Mary, just as it rains every year. We tend to be pretty used to the rain, so for us it is becoming less and less of an inconvenience.

    But what about our dogs?

    Our dogs need walks every day. Rain can make that difficult. We still offer our Lake Mary dog walking services, but there's no denying that most people stay indoors when it rains. Rain also makes it colder, which many people believe causes colds and illnesses.

    So we know about how the rain affects us, but how does the rain affect dogs?

    Most Light Rain is Fine

    The good news is that most rain is perfectly fine for your dog. It's a myth that dogs - and humans - get ill because of the rain or cold weather. Illnesses come from contact with other dogs that are sick. If anything, that may be even less likely when they're outdoors.

    Dogs also are unlikely to get very cold - at least in the Lake Mary and Sanford area - when it's a light rain. In other areas of the country where the air is freezing, that rain could cause your dog to shiver and potentially be very uncomfortable. But here, it's still usually about 70 degrees and very unlikely to get that cold.

    Heavy Rain and Cold Weather is Riskier

    However, the more rain that there is and the colder the weather is, the more it becomes a risk.

    Very heavy rain, especially in colder weather, puts your dog at risk for pneumonia when outdoors for a long time. Rarely will a short time outdoors pose a risk, but extended walks in this type of weather could be a problem.

    In addition, when the rain is heavy and there is some light flooding, the water may pick up some unwanted elements that were dry during the hotter months. For example, rain may carry oils, germs, and other bacteria that was otherwise dried out on the ground. If your dog licks the water (as many dogs do), they may eingest elements that they shouldn't.

    Walks Based on Weather

    In a general sense, especially here in Florida, it should be fine to walk your dog in the rain, assuming there is no lightning or flooding. But if you're concerned, take your dog out in short bursts instead. It's still good to keep their legs moving, and as long as they're not outside for too long and there is no extreme cold, there shouldn't be much risk.