• October 19th, 2021
    Written by: Kimberly

    Cats have a reputation for being self-reliant and independent. Some people also find them more difficult to understand when compared to dogs with their wagging tails and constant love for attention. Since many cats have a more reserved nature, it can sometimes be hard to tell if your cat loves you or is just putting up with you.

    The good news is that cats share a deep bond with their owners and love them. Your cat just has her own ways of showing affection that may differ from what you expect. When your cat shows any of these behaviors, she is showing genuine love for you.

    Signs Cats Use to Show Their Love

    Most cats have a big personality. But how that personality presents itself varies widely between different cats. For instance, your cat may be very aloof and only come to you when she is in the mood. Or your cat may be inseparable from you and demand constant pets and attention. Regardless of your cat's personality and preferences, these are some of the ways that she might already be showing you affection:

    • Head Butting - Cats use this behavior to mark their territory. Their heads and faces have several scent glands that leave their smell behind when they headbutt you, claiming you as part of their pack. 
    • Showing Their Stomachs - When your cat feels safe with you, she may roll over to reveal her stomach. This is a highly sensitive area for cats, but she trusts you to protect her.
    • Showing Their Backs - While this may be offensive among people, cats show their back to each other as a sign of trust.
    • Paw Kneading - This is a painful one. A cat laying on your lap and kneading you with her claws is a sign that she sees you as a leader.
    • Bringing You Gifts - Whether it is a toy or a dead animal, your cat is either taking on a parental role or following an evolutionary instinct to bring their food back to their own parent.
    • Following You Around - Perhaps a more obvious sign, when your cat sticks by your side, she has a high opinion of you and is trying to imitate what you do.
    • Grooming You - A lick from a dog is a sign of affection. Cats, on the other hand, use their tongues for grooming themselves and their young. Your cat is nurturing you when she gives you a lick.

    When you start thinking like a cat and understand the ways they show affection, you will probably realize you have a very loving cat as you start noticing some of these different signs. The signs also prove you are a wonderful cat owner with a feline companion that feels safe and secure with you.