• August 23rd, 2022
    Written by: Kimberly

    With several more weeks of summer and the hot weather not letting up anytime soon, having ways for your dog to beat the heat is a good idea and frozen dog treats are always a favorite. While there are plenty of treats you can purchase - including specially made dog ice cream and popsicles - frozen treats are also extremely easy to make at home.

    Frozen treats can be healthy, tasty, and cooling. These are some great treat ideas to get you and your dog started, but it is also possible to replicate nearly all of your dog's favorite treats with a frozen version.

    Best Frozen Dog Treats for Your Pup

    Depending on what is in your freezer, you can often make a quick dog treat out of what you already have. With a little prep and enough time for freezing, you can also make your own dog treats. Ideas for your dog include:

    • Frozen Fruit and Vegetables - If you already keep frozen fruits and veggies on hand, you can always give your dog a few pieces for a treat. Berries, pineapple, green beans, and carrots are all good choices.
    • Dog Popsicles - You can put chicken, beef, or vegetable broth into ice cube trays and freeze for flavored dog popsicles. You can also get creative by adding peanut butter or a piece of fruit to the cube. The separate textures and inside surprise will keep your dog more interested.
    • Dog Ice Cream - For a version of dog ice cream that is pet safe and you can make at home, mix fruit into plain yogurt.  Put dollops of the fruit and yogurt onto a plate and stick the plate in the freezer until the ice cream is frozen. Berries, melons, bananas, and apples are all good choices for ice cream.
    • Frozen Kong - For dogs that regularly play with a Kong or similar toys, you can fill the Kong with a spoonful of peanut butter and freeze it. The cold peanut butter will help cool down your dog and make it more challenging for him, resulting in more play time and mental stimulation.

    Another benefit of many frozen treats is their high water content, particularly with broth cubes and frozen melon, that will help keep your dog hydrated when temperatures get high.

    Because frozen treats can be hard, you should always wait a few minutes after taking a treat out of the freezer before you give it to your dog to avoid any dental damage. Likewise, aim for softer frozen treats like ice cream or frozen peanut butter for older dogs with sensitive teeth. As with any treat, you should always limit the number of treats you provide to avoid upsetting your dog's stomach.

    You can also get creative by tailoring treats to your dog’s tastes. Taste testing different fruits and vegetables, sweet and savory treats, and different textures, can be a fun way for you and your dog to cool off this summer.