• August 21st, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    As professional pet sitters in the Lake Mary and Sanford area, our focus is often on dogs and cats. Not only are these the most common pets found in the area, but they also require the most care – especially when someone is away on vacation or for an extended period of time.

    But we’re not just dog sitters or cat sitters. We’re animal lovers that know how important it is to have someone watch pets while they’re away. When a family is on an extended trip, any living being in a person’s household needs to be taken care of. That incudes their fish.

    Take Care of Fish While Away with FurBabies Home Pet Care

    On a day to day basis, most fish breeds tend to need very little care. They need a bit of food. Their tanks may need a bit of cleaning. But otherwise, the fish can live pretty comfortably on their own.

    But during extended absences, it’s helpful to have someone that can take care of them. Someone that can come to your home and:

    • Feed your fish.
    • Clean the tank.
    • Make sure the tank is working properly.

    Strange things happen. Not only will your fish need food, but sometimes tanks shut down or have problems, and then it becomes important for someone to notice these problems and react immediately.

    Professional Pet Sitters for Your Fish

    Big tanks, small tanks, many fish, one fish – whatever animals you have in your home, FurBabies Home Pet Care makes it our goal to help you take care of them any time you need support.

    If you have fish that you’d like cared for, contact FurBabies Home Pet Care today.