• December 15th, 2017
    Written by: Kimberly

    The holidays are a joyous time for everyone. With great food, plenty of presents, and guests that visit from all over the world, it is a season that many of us look forward to all year.

    Here at FurBabies, the holidays are often a busy time, as families travel out of Lake Mary in order to spend a few days with their loved ones. But for pet owners that are hosting their own Christmas celebrations, the holidays may also pose risks for your pets.

    How to Keep Your Pets Safe Over the Holidays

    It’s wonderful to share in the holiday spirit. But make sure that you remember to care for your pet’s needs as well. The holidays can pose unique threats to your pet, which is why you should note the following tips:

    • Watch the Front Door

    The holidays tend to turn the front of your home into a revolving door of friends and family. It can be a stressful time for puppies and kittens that are not used to so many strangers and noises. It also means that the door is frequently left open, giving pets the chance to escape. Make sure you know where your pets are at all times and let visitors know to be careful of opening the door too wide.

    • Know Your Forbidden Foods

    Several popular holiday treats utilize foods that are unsafe for most pets. When you use chocolate candies as stocking stuffers, buy cakes made with the sugar substitute xylitol, or feed your pet table scraps that are spicy or undercooked, you may be placing your pet at risk for serious complications. Monitor not only what you’re bringing into your home, but where your pet is while guests are eating.

    • Examine Your Décor

    Holiday décor can be problematic for pets. The décor itself is by and large safe (with a few exceptions), but pets are simply not used to that type of decoration in their home. Both cats and dogs are at risk of issues like fallen Christmas Trees (if not properly secured), broken ornaments, damaged extension cords, lit candles, and several toxic holiday plants (including mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias) are all examples of decor that poses a risk to your pets.

    Other Tips for Healthy Pets

    In addition to the above tips, make sure you are still finding some time to walk your dog or play with your cat, as pets are often forgotten during the holiday rush. Make sure you clean up after any celebrations. And try to avoid anything that may come apart in your pet’s mouth, like tinsel and pine. Pets can love the holidays as much as you do, but knowing how to keep your pet safe can help make sure that Christmas is fun for everyone. If you need help with pet sitting or pet care in the Lake Mary/Heathrow area during this holiday season, call FurBabies today at (407) 489-9418.