Dog Walks for New Puppies in Sanford and Lake Mary, FL

Dogs need regular, long outdoor walks. Even more so than humans, dog walks are critical healthy habits that dogs require to stay not only physically healthy, but psychologically healthy as well. Dog walks are *especially* important for new puppies, as dog walking helps your puppy learn healthy habits, develop its intelligence, and – of course – have fewer accidents in the house.

FurBabies Home Pet Care provides puppy dog waking services, with experienced pet sitters and dog walkers that are all trained in puppy health. Our mid-day dog walks can provide your new puppy with the regular exercise and bathroom breaks that it needs in these early stages, and make sure that it is less prone to psychological distress when you’re away.

If you have a new puppy and would like to inquire about dog walks, please contact FurBabies Home Pet Care today at 407-489-9418.

Benefits of Mid-Day Dog Walks for Puppies and New Pets

Dog walking is always beneficial for dogs. Most dogs need between 1 to 2 hours of walks *per day* just to maintain their physical and mental health. Different dog breeds (and dog ages) have different needs, but in general, you will need to walk your dog a lot.

Often that requires help. It’s why we are regularly contacted for dog walks for dogs of all sizes through the Lake Mary and Sanford area.

But it is especially important for puppies. Puppies – and their owners – benefit from midday dog walks in a variety of ways, including:

  • Much Needed Bathroom Breaks – Puppies cannot hold their pee like adult dogs can do. Even adult dogs are expected to urinate every 6 hours (most people are at work for eight hours or more), but young puppies often need to go out every 2 to 4 hours depending on their age and breed. Puppy dog walking reduces accidents, helps in training, and supports their healthy development.
  • Less Loneliness – Puppies are not meant to be alone for very long. This is when they’re developing their social connections and their feelings of safety. Mid-day dog walks help ensure that your young dog feels safe and doesn’t feel alone in a big house in an even bigger world, by providing them a break so that they are not alone for too long.
  • Using Up Physical and Mental Energy – Just like children, young puppies are filled with energy. That energy needs an outlet. The outlet can be eating your shoes and scratching your chairs, or it can be something more productive, like walks, which provide not only physical stimulation but mental stimulation as well.
  • Easier on Pet Parents – Lastly, we do not live in a world made for raising puppies. Many of us have to work, often all day, with little time to run home to give your dog what they need. By having a professional come to your property and care for your dog, you can focus on work and love on your puppy later, when you’re home.

All dogs need walks. But puppies, especially, need to be regularly taken outside – often when you’re at work and throughout the day.

Why Choose FurBabies Home Pet Care?

FurBabies Home Pet Care provides dog walks for dogs of all sizes and ages. We are professional pet sitters, which means we are licensed, certified, and even pet CPR trained. Every single person on staff is required to undergo this extensive training.

But most of all, we love dogs. You’re getting people that live their lives for dogs and are ready to help you take care of your puppy and your pet.

If you’re in need of dog walking in Sanford, FL, Lake Mary, or the surrounding region, please contact FurBabies Home Pet Care, today.