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FurBabies Provides Dog Walking and Other Canine Support for Pet Owners Throughout the Area

FurBabies Home Pet Care is Lake Mary’s favorite pet sitter, offering support for all your pets when you’re away or struggle with mobility issues. Dog walking is one of our most commonly requested services. Our certified CPR trained staff provides dog walking to those that have pets at home that need some time outside for exercise, bathroom breaks, and more.

If you’ve ever wanted to consider dog walking, or would like to make sure that there is someone available to walk your dog when you’re away, contact FurBabies Home Pet Care, today.

Why Get a Dog Walker?

A daily walk isn't just a good habit. For your dog, it's nearly a necessity for optimal well-being. In Lake Mary, FL, where many of us own dogs, walking your dog for about 30 minutes to an hour daily can greatly enhance their mood, stress levels, and longevity. Regular walks also mitigate undesirable behaviors often linked to boredom.

However, while many dog owners manage to provide these vital walks during the evening, there remains a significant gap during daytime hours. Many dogs are confined to the house for extended periods—often more than 8 hours—which isn't ideal for their physical or emotional health. That's where the concept of mid-day dog walks by FurBabies Home Pet Care comes into play.

The Advantages of Mid-Day Dog Walks in Lake Mary, FL

We offer a dedicated mid-day dog walking service designed to address the unique challenges dogs face when their owners are away. Here's why this service is an invaluable addition to your pet care routine:

  • Essential Bathroom Breaks - While younger dogs are often good at 'holding it,' this isn't an ideal situation for them. Long periods without a bathroom break can lead to stress, irritability, and may potentially cause long-term bladder issues.
  • Stress Reduction - Being alone for prolonged hours can cause stress levels to rise in dogs. This emotional toll further compounds when boredom sets in. A mid-day walk serves as a pleasant interruption to this cycle, helping to de-stress your dog and making them less anxious for when you return home.
  • Encourages Restful Sleep - When you're away, one of the main ways your dog passes time is by napping. Sleep allows dogs to relax, but there's only so much sleep a dog can have if it's been inactive all day. A mid-day walk offers the physical engagement they need, making subsequent rest more satisfying and lessening the likelihood of destructive behavior.
  • Additional Exercise - While 30 minutes of physical activity is essential, more is usually better. Given our busy schedules, finding more than 30 minutes for dog walks can be a challenge. A mid-day walk fills this gap effectively, ensuring your dog gets the level of physical activity they truly need without burdening your evening schedule.

Most people cannot walk their dog every day for the amount of time that dogs benefit from walks. Many dogs require a minimum of one hour, some dogs two, and more than 1 or 2 hours is even more beneficial. Few people have the time for 30 minutes, let alone 2+ hours. Similarly, dog walks are better when spread out. Getting an extra 20 minutes of walking mid day is better than 30 minutes of walking all at once.

Professional Dog Walking Services in Lake Mary, FL

The reality is that very few employment situations permit the luxury of mid-day breaks long enough to walk our dogs. Even if they did, that precious hour might be better spent eating or decompressing. That's why FurBabies Home Pet Care is here. Our team consists of highly trained, CPR-certified dog walkers committed to your dog's well-being.

To get started with our mid-day dog walking services, contact FurBabies Home Pet Care today or fill out our online form for more information. We offer our dog walking services in both Lake Mary and Sanford, Florida, and we're eager to show you how a mid-day walk can make a world of difference for your dog.