• January 12th, 2023
    Written by: Kimberly

    Every dog loves walks. Walking your dog about 30 minutes to an hour every day (depending on your dog’s breed and age) improves its happiness, its stress levels, and its longevity. It also improves its behaviors, as dogs in Lake Mary that are receiving the regular walks that they need are less likely to engage in destructive boredom behaviors.

    But, even if you can come home after work and give your dog the walk(s) it needs, most of the day your dog will have been stuck inside – sometimes by itself, in the house, for 8 hours or more. That is a long time to be without a walk, let alone a bathroom break.

    Mid-Day Dog Walks in Lake Mary, FL

    At FurBabies Home Pet Care, our team is here to provide you with mid-day dog walks. We come to your home, pick up your dog, and give it a nice walk outdoors right in the middle of the day.

    Every dog benefits from these mid-day walks. That is because – even if you are able to walk your dog at night, a mid-day dog walk addresses several issues that help your dog’s health and wellness, including:

    • Much Needed Bathroom Breaks – Many dogs are excellent at “holding it,” especially when they’re younger. But just because they *can* doesn’t mean they *should*. When your dog holds their pee for too long, they become more stressed/irritable, and they could be causing long term damage to their bladder.
    • Stress Compounds – Dogs don’t like it when you’re away, and the longer you’re away, the more stress that your dog experiences. As your dog gets lonely, it also gets bored, which causes it even more stress. Being able to take your dog out briefly in the middle and using some of that energy will help your dog relax more and already be less stressed upon your arrival home.
    • Promotes Napping – One of the ways dogs relax to pass the time while you’re gone is by napping. When dogs are asleep, they’re relaxed. If your dog is awake, it may start to destroy things out of boredom. But a dog can only sleep so much if it’s been laying around all day. Walking in the middle of the day gives it some much needed exercise and awake time, making it easier for your dog to nap again later and be less destructive.

    In addition, while 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise is important for dogs, more is always better. There often isn’t enough time in the day for 2+ hours of exercise for your dog – and, for most families, there isn’t even time in the day for more than 30 minutes - which means that a mid-day dog walk fits in that extra exercise during the day, so you’re not tasked with trying to take your dog out late into the evenings.

    Professional Dog Walking in Lake Mary and Sanford, FL

    Very few jobs allow people to leave work for an hour to go home and walk their dog, and even if they do, that is time that you often need to spend eating or resting before taking on the rest of your day. Consider calling FurBabies Home Pet Care. We provide pet sitting and dog walking in Lake Mary and Sanford, Florida, with highly trained, CPR certified dog walkers that are here to help.

    Call FurBabies Home Pet Care today to get started, or submit our online form to learn more.