Dog Boarding in Lake Mary, FL

Dog Boarding in Lake Mary, FL

When you have travel plans or an unexpected event that requires you to leave your dog for a few days, you want to choose the right care for them. This helps you focus on your vacation, work, or family without also having to worry about your pet. For dogs that require more continuous and customized care, we offer an alternative to overnight dog boarding - an overnight stay with one of our experienced, first aid trained pet sitters.

FurBabies is a Lake Mary pet sitting company that offers private boarding for dogs that need more attention than regular home visits can provide. With our dog boarding, we keep your furry friend with us in a pet-safe home, providing personalized care while you are away. Call us at 407-489-9418 to find out more about our dog boarding experience.

How Our Dog Boarding Works at FurBabies

If overnight boarding conjures up images of your pup spending 24 hours in a crate without any attention, rest assured that this is not what you’ll find at FurBabies Home Pet Care. We are dedicated to keeping your pets comfortable while you are away. For us, this means personalized attention, plenty of love and petting, and a safe, quieter environment.

Our private boarding places your dog in the private home of our owner, Kimberly. With years of experience in pet sitting and a love of caring for animals, Kimberly provides the same level of care for your dog that you would.

Limited availability enables us to focus on your pet and meet all their needs. During your dog’s boarding stay, we can manage:

  • Feeding
  • Medication
  • Exercise
  • Attention
  • Comfort

Being left alone can be alarming for many dogs, and having to go to an unfamiliar place filled with loud dogs barking at all hours of the day can make it worse. Rather than a facility, boarding your dog at a local home with FurBabies lets your dog stay in a more familiar environment with the care they need to keep from getting bored or lonely. 

Is Private Dog Boarding Right for My Dog?

While our regular pet sitting visits in your home are a great way to keep your pet comfortable in a familiar environment while you are away, this isn’t suitable for every dog. Our private boarding is the best option for dogs who are a bit needier and cannot go for hours between visits. This can include those dogs who:

  • Need more attention for a medical issue.
  • Experience extreme anxiety when left alone.
  • Are older or younger and need more frequent bathroom breaks.
  • Cannot be left in your home unsupervised.

Overnight dog boarding with FurBabies is also a good option if you want individualized care for your dog outside of your home. If you are having guests over, for instance, and need a pet-free home for a night, we can board your dog and give them a mini-vacation of their own.

Why Choose FurBabies for Your Dog’s Overnight Stay

As a team of pet lovers and pet parents ourselves, we know that time away from your dog can be difficult. This is particularly true for dogs who need more care than average. Our goal at FurBabies is to make sure you feel comfortable with your pet’s care while you are away because you know your dog is with a team that is:

  • Experienced - Kimberly and all of our pet sitters have worked with animals for years. We have worked with dogs of all ages, temperaments, and special needs so that we can customize our care.
  • Dependable - From showing up on time to keeping to your pet’s special routine, you can trust us to show up and follow through in all of our pet care services.
  • Communicative - We keep you updated on your pets while you are away by regularly sending photos, updates, and more so that you never have to wonder how your dogs are.

We consistently treat your pets as if they were our own, especially with our overnight dog boarding services where we welcome your dogs into our home.

Schedule Private Dog Boarding with FurBabies

Our Lake Mary dog boarding is convenient for all pet owners in the area, including Sanford, Longwood, Heathrow, and Altamont Springs. Space is limited to guarantee we can provide the best care for the dogs boarding with us, so please contact us at 407-489-9418 to confirm availability, get pricing, and schedule a stay for your dog.