• April 28th, 2020
    Written by: Kimberly

    If you spend any time on Facebook, you've probably seen jokes about how dogs and cats are handling quarantine. Dogs are living their best life - they have never been happier, and are adoring this time with you home 100% of the day. Cats (according to the jokes) want this lockdown to be over, as they were tired of you before you stayed home.

    It should come as little surprise that this is not true. Cats love their owners just like dogs do, although they may either show it in different ways or experience it differently. But it's true that your cat may be acting strange. They may even seem to be loving you less. Does your cat want you to leave?

    In a Word: Maybe?

    It is possible your cat may want you gone. But it's not coming from a place of hate, nor is it even coming from being a cat (dogs may react the same way at the same rate). Pets, right now, are also going through major changes. There is more noise, movement, petting, and more around them.

    Dogs and cats are like people. They have mental health needs as well. Some pets are lonely, and your presence has made them so much happier. Other pets enjoy some quiet time while you're away, and all of your affection means they do not get a rest.

    Your pet's reaction is going to be based on its own personality, not necessarily its species, and those changes are not just because your cat is particularly mean or loving, but rather change is as hard on your pet just like it's hard on you. In fact, even if your pet adores you being home, the mere fact that they're experiencing change may be what causes them distress, and you're noticing their stress.

    Love is Complicated and So Are Pets

    You can't predict how your pet will respond to change - but that includes not only staying home, but also when you go back to work. When life resumes for you, your pet will be left at home again, and that change could also cause them distress. Change is hard on pets just as it is on humans, so instead of paying too much attention to what you think your pet feels, focus more on how you can help your pet decrease the anxiety or stress it may be experiencing.

    To give your pet a break, as well as some walks and attention, give FurBabies Home Pet Care a call today.