• October 30th, 2020
    Written by: Kimberly

    Dogs are generally considered social animals. They usually thrive in their “pack” and appreciate the attention of their owners. So it can be alarming if your dog is lashing out at other dogs and people. Aggressive behavior also puts both you and your dog at risk if your dog were to injure another person or animal.

    The causes of dog aggression can include poor socialization, upbringing, fear, and, in rare cases, health issues. But one possible cause is lack of exercise. Without the physical and mental exertion that comes with daily activity, many dogs will start to feel bored and stressed, which can often translate into aggression towards people and other dogs.

    Increasing Your Dog’s Daily Activity

    No matter the breed, every dog needs daily exercise. The time recommended by the ASPCA is 30 minutes to two hours, but this will depend on the size and age of the dog, the breed’s energy level, and any health conditions.

    Scheduling in time for your dog to exercise can seem impossible in an already busy routine, but a few small changes can be enough to get your dog the activity he needs. Some ideas to consider include:

    • More Walks - Add an additional walk in the morning or evening, or increase the length of your current walks by a few minutes. You could also bring your dog along if you enjoy running.
    • Use Your Yard - If you have a fenced yard, let your dog outside for some supervised play time to burn off some energy.
    • Play Fetch - Smaller dogs can even have a game of fetch inside. For larger pets, head to the backyard or local dog park.
    • Try Agility - For dogs that are highly trainable, agility is a sport that challenges them mentally and physically. Look for local agility courses in your area, or try setting one up in your backyard.
    • Go to Doggy Day Care - Especially for owners that spend several hours away from home, sending your dog to day care will give them a chance to run and play with other dogs instead of staying home alone. The socialization can also help keep your dog entertained and calm.

    FurBabies Home Pet Care also provides daytime dog walks that give your dog not only some much needed exercise, but also help them feel less alone and give them an opportunity for a much needed bathroom break.

    Whatever exercise you choose to do with your dog, make sure the impact level is right for her and any health conditions she might have. But even a few more minutes spent walking each day can often be enough to lessen your pet’s aggression, and the more exercise they receive, the better it will be for their health as well.