• August 7th, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    Around the globe, cats are being celebrated for International Cat Day, also referred to as World Cat Day. This Thursday, August 8, is a day for cat appreciation.

    Not that cat owners don’t do this every day.

    Our feline friends have been celebrated for over thousands of years, even worshipped as far back as the time of the Egyptians. Cat lovers around the globe are taking advantage of this day to give back to these furry friends.

    Things You Can Do This International Cat Day

    Tomorrow is a great day to spend some time with your cat. If you're looking for some ways to celebrate the day, here's a list of some fun international cat day ideas that you can enjoy with your feline friend(s).

    • Share a post on your social media with the hashtag #InternationalCatDay to promote cat awareness and appreciation across the world.
    • Gift your cat with a new toy or cat bed. We all love receiving new and nice things we enjoy, so treat your cat on this special day.
    • Volunteer at your local cat shelter or rescue and help take care of the feline friends in need.
    • Throw a cat party and invite your cat-loving friends over to celebrate the day with treats and activities for your cats.
    • Visit a local cat cafe, there’s one located in Orlando that your cat will be sure to enjoy.
    • Adopt a shelter cat! Every furry friend needs a home and International Cat Day is a perfect excuse to bring home a cat.
    • Partake in activities your cat enjoys and give them the best head rub they have received.
    • Look into International Fund for Animal Welfare and visit them at to check out the amazing work they do and potentially donate to their cause.

    It is important to recognize the love and service our pets provide us. Cats contribute so much to our families and it’s important that we give back to them to showcase our appreciation for them.

    Hiring a pet sitter whenever you’re gone is a great way to make sure your cat is not feeling neglected. Here at FurBabies, we provide just as much love and support as you do for your pet because we value each and every furry creature. For more information, please contact us today.