• May 12th, 2018
    Written by: Kimberly
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    This month is home to Mother’s Day, a day when moms are honored by their kids for… well… being moms. Being a mom is a labor of love, but it’s still labor, and while so much time is spent caring for each of our kids there is no doubt that moms all over the world deserve at least one day to be thanked for their time and sacrifice.

    But it’s not just moms of boys and girls that deserve that extra day of thanks. From all of us here at Furbabies Home Pet Care in Lake Mary, we want to wish all of you cat and dog moms a happy mother’s day too.

    As much as we love our furry friends, being a cat and dog mom can be a lot of work. You have to make sacrifices: • Making sure your furry family member gets their exercise. • Paying for your pet’s medical expenses. • Avoiding long vacations without your dog.

    Dogs and cats need to be pet, groomed, played with, watched over, and more – just like kids of all ages. Pet moms go the extra mile to make sure their pet is loved and cared for, and that’s why this mother’s day, give yourself a pat on the back for being a great mom to your furry family member.

    And don’t forget – if you do want that much needed vacation, our pet sitters are more than happy to help. Let us know by calling us today at 407-489-9418.