• January 18th, 2023
    Written by: Kimberly

    One of the reasons that families love cats is because they don’t “need” a lot. Yes, cats can be needy, and yes, they want to spend time with you, but they also do not need an hour of walking every day, constant attention, bathroom breaks, and more the way that dogs often do.

    What cats need is:

    • Someone to feed them.
    • Someone to show them a little love and attention.
    • Someone to change their litter.
    • Someone to give them any medications and make sure they’re safe.

    When you plan to be on vacation, or you’re going to be away from your home for an extended period of time, you often need to find a cat boarding service. While there are many outstanding cat boarding companies, such as “pet hotels,” the place that your cat is going to be safest and most comfortable is in your home.

    Why Choose FurBabies Home Pet Care for Lake Mary Cat Boarding?

    FurBabies Home Pet Care is a pet sitting company located in Lake Mary, FL, and serving the Lake Mary and Sanford community. We are available to provide you with cat sitting services while you’re away. We can come to your property one, two, or three times a day depending on your cat’s health and needs, and make sure that it has everything covered.

    We will give them any food and water. We will pet or play with them. We will change their litter box, make sure the house is safe around them, and provide them with any medications they may need. Your cat gets to stay at home in a place that it is comfortable and, since we’re there, we’ll be able to let you know that your cat – and your home – is functioning as it should be.

    Your cat will also be able to exercise and move around, as it will not be confined to a small space. Because there are no other cats around it, it also has a reduced risk of contracting any illness. Your cat can sleep in its own bed, play with its own toys, and so much more.

    At FurBabies, our team is also pet CPR certified and highly trained in providing high quality service to cats and dogs throughout the Lake Mary and Sanford region. You can trust that your cat is getting the highest quality of care while you’re away, all while it is relaxing in the comfort of its home.

    Contact Us Today for Cat Sitting Services

    Instead of cat boarding or cat hotels, consider having our team come to your home to make sure your cat is safe while you’re away. We have flexible scheduling options, a great team, and great rates, allowing you to feel confident that your cat is being cared for.

    Learn more about our cat sitting services or get started today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.