• July 2nd, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    Cats are often incredible independent. But this can be misleading. Cat owners often think that while they are away on vacation or for the weekend, they can simply leave their cat at home alone with extra food and water and their cat should be fine. But while cats may act independent, they have more needs than even cat lovers sometimes realize.

    At FurBabies Home Pet Care, we recommend hiring a cat sitter in Lake Mary and Sanford to ensure your furry friend is well taken care of during these vacation months. That is because cats benefit from cat sitters in a variety of ways.

    Why Cats Benefit From Cat Sitters

    • Cats Prefer Cleanliness

    Cats are some of the cleanest animals out there, giving themselves daily. But they cannot clean everything. It is both an irritant to them - and to you - if their litter box is not cleaned. Hiring a cat sitter will ensure your cat’s litter box is cleaned out and replaced daily. This will prevent your cat from possibly using the bathroom outside of her box and keep your house smelling fresh.

    • Cats Thrive in Comfortable Environments

    If you drop off your cat at a neighbor’s or friend’s house, they may feel guarded and uncomfortable in a new space. Instead, hiring a cat sitter will allow your cat to feel safe and secure in the space he/she is most used to. This way, your cat is much less likely to try and run away, and won’t feel as anxious as they would in a new place.

    • Cats Enjoy Love and Playtime

    Cats are innately predatory creatures who love hunting and chasing. But they also do enjoy play. They must be kept entertained or else they become lethargic or even destructive. It’s no secret that sometimes your cat may break things, but this is often when he/she is not finding excitement in other things. By hiring a pet sitter, your cat will be thoroughly entertained as we can help them get their exercise and playtime that they require.

    Despite the stereotypes, cats also enjoy attention. Many like to be alone, but they don’t like to be fully alone. With a cat sitter at home with them, they won’t feel as though they are being neglected and they won’t feel as though they’re on their own. Our pet sitters would love to give your cat all the love and belly scratches your cat desires, ensuring him/her a caring experience while you’re gone.

    • Emergencies Happen

    Though rare, if your cat does get hurt or has any type of problem, knowing that someone is there to see it – someone that is trained to respond appropriately – can help both give you peace of mind and ensure that your cat is as safe as possible.

    • Your House Will be Checked Up On

    While you are away, our pet sitters will make sure that your house is fully secure and everything is being taken care of when we check up on your cat. We will also take care of your garbage to ensure you are coming back to a safe and clean house. It’s those benefits that go beyond your pet that make it so beneficial to the average cat sitter.

    Furbabies Home Pet Care – Cat Sitting in Lake Mary, Sanford, and Longwood, FL

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