• August 9th, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    This Saturday is National Spoil Your Dog Day, and while we can all agree that every day should be Spoil Your Dog day, it is Saturday that is actually dedicated to their special treatment. 

    Dogs are loving and friendly pets that are contributing members to our family. It is important for them to be appreciated and recognized for all that they do for us. Saturday is as great a day as any to remember their contributions and make sure that happens.

    Ideas for National Spoil Your Dog Day

    If you have a dog, chances are you know how to spoil them. But this year it’s expected to be 90 degrees and raining in Lake Mary, so a long walk or a jog is probably not going to cut it. If you need some ideas for how to spoil your dog this Saturday, try the following:

    • Cook your dog a special meal. Some meal ideas could be boneless chicken and brown rice or plainly-cooked lean beef with spinach. Be sure not to add any extra seasonings as this may upset your dog’s stomach. If your dog has allergies, Pinterest has many ideas for great allergy free dog meals. 
    • Take your dog out for a spa day. It’s always nice to come home cleaned and groomed and your dog will love you for taking care of them. 
    • Buy your dog a new dog bed or special dog toy. Who doesn’t like presents? Your dog will be sure to feel loved with a new toy to spend time with or a soft and comfortable bed to rest in.
    • Treat your dog with a baked good. Search online for local dog-friendly bakeries and eateries to find out how you can treat your dog with a special dessert. If there aren’t any local areas, there are hundreds of recipes online on dog-friendly baked goods that will be sure to please.
    • Throw a dog party. Invite your dog’s friends over and other dog lovers to celebrate the special day and fill the day with fun dog-related activities and treats.
    • Go out for a trip. If you’ve got extra time and money on your hands, it doesn’t hurt to splurge on your dog and go out for a little excursion. There are plenty of dog-friendly activities a short drive away (Orlando, for example, has several indoor dog friendly locales) that will give you and your dog a new and fun experience.

    You also know your dog. There is likely plenty that your dog loves that will make them feel special. What they also want more than anything is time with you, so have fun and enjoy one of our favorite days of the year - National Spoil Your Dog Day.

    And don’t forget - a great way to spoil your dog all year is to schedule walks and visits when you’re away at work. Call FurBabies today to get started.